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    Launch Controls: Achieving the perfect throttle

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    The vrooming sound, the tense creases on the forehead and that one leap with absolute control with which a Forumla1 racer begins the race. The adrenalin starts skyrocketing with just the vrooming noise. But have ever wondered what kind of Launch Control mechanism makes the driver stay in such strong control of the vehicle? Wonder if you can own one […]

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    Housing Industry set to Turn Turtle

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     Imagine shifting to some place not just with your luggage, but your entire house. Well, actually, it would rather mean shifting your house in whole rather than just moving from one house to another. Doesn’t that sound quixotic? A UK-based company has developed a technology of foldable structures which is about to revolutionize the construction industry. The domain of structures […]

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    Growing confidence in Template-free CRISPR-induced gene editing

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    Genes possess the natural mechanism to repair a broken DNA sequence. However, this repair was conventionally believed to be unpredictable, erroneous and random. Traditionally, gene editing techniques were aimed at replacing a segment of the genetic sequence with a template sequence to achieve the desired genetic modification. Known as homology-directed repair (HDR), the method included replacing an undesirable genetic mutation […]

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    Semiconductor Process/Device Structure Inventions – to patent or to keep it a trade secret?

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    Semiconductor patents, especially those related to process or device structure technology, are not easy to enforce or monetize. Does this mean companies will be better of terming such inventions as trade secrets? Patents, by nature, are in the public domain, though they can be legally enforced against infringing products usually over its lifespan of 20 years. Trade secrets, as the […]

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    Exploring proxemics for Human-Drone Interaction

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    The development of drone-based technology and solutions has witnessed an increase over the past few years. The impact of drone technology can be seen in areas such as defense, disaster control, entertainment, product delivery, agriculture, photography, weather forecasting and many more. According to the World Intellectual Property Office, the patent filings for drone technology in 2016-2017 witnessed a new high […]

Passenger Drones Edge Closer to Reality

In the last two decades, the number of passengers and commercial vehicles has risen dramatically. Between 2006 and 2015, the CAGR of vehicles on roads was recorded at 4.7%, while the number of roads hardly changes. This increase in vehicles has also witnessed an increase in… (Featured image is intended for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from https://www.maxpixel.net/Drones-Quadrocopter-Nature-Drone-Camera-Rotors-2878025)   *** […]

Artificial Intelligence in Diagnosing Diseases

It was only a fortnight ago when artificial intelligence (AI) proved to diagnose skin cancer with more accuracy than a human doctor. This is just the tip of a massive iceberg, where AI is gearing up to become a strong tool in diagnosis, aiding better healthcare. From breath… (Featured image is for representational purpose and has been sourced from https://www.flickr.com/photos/brother-uk/31501281374) *** […]

Is the digital assistant automating your Life?

Voice-enacted innovation started with IBM’s Audrey in the 1950s. It was sufficiently developed for the times, tailored for the U.S. Bureau of Defense in the 1970s, and developed its vocabulary in the 1980s. While it was lesser known then, today we know advanced cousins of it… Featured image is intended for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from (https://www.pexels.com/photo/round-grey-speaker-on-brown-board-1072851/) *** […]

4D Printed Furniture Can Change Shape As You Like

Imagine buying a furniture from an Ikea store and watch it assemble all by itself! This the future of 3D printing with a ‘D’. While researchers are yet to fully utilize the potential of 3D printing technology, they are inventing novice applications and manufacturing 3D printers… (Featured image is intended for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:4d_printing_-_Mobile.gif) *** […]

Disney and Universal Studios goes the AR/VR Way

If there is one place that can make science seem like fantasy even to the most logical mind, that’s a theme park. Technologies power theme park attractions and make the experience appear seamless, and these are further powered by a large number of patents. From Disney to… (Featured image is intended for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from http://www.167aw.ang.af.mil/News/Photos/igphoto/2001597625/) *** […]

Robotic Bees to Revolutionize Home & Crop Management, Fly to Mars

Do you remember escaping the possible sting of a bee buzzing around your face? You must have observed the lift, pick, swim, dip, swirl and drop of a bee. Today, technologists and researchers from across leading universities and companies have created ornithopter robotic bees that are remotely… (Featured image is intended for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from https://pixabay.com/en/bee-abstract-insect-nature-honey-2984342/) *** […]

THINK – and let your Device Act

What language do you think in? How do you read in your mind – loud or soft? Are you one of those who enjoys enacting within the mind to find creative solutions? Whatever you do, all of these engage a process named sub-vocalization. This is an auditory reassurance that… (Featured image is for representative purpose only and has been sourced from https://pixabay.com/en/brain-thinking-idea-intelligence-494152/) *** […]

Chatbots set to Better Customer Delight

Iron man’s assistant, J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System), could be available to all of us in the future based on how chatbots make a headway. J.A.R.V.I.S. evolved from a conversational computer system to an artificial intelligence system integrated with diverse technologies to perform various… (Featured image is intended for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from https://www.flickr.com/photos/kapowaz/1580676746)  *** […]

Sentiment Sensitive Machines for Quicker Action

How many times have we been confused with the plethora of reviews and comments on items, while shopping online? These days, seldom do we reach out to our trusted acquaintances for opinions before buying an item, unless probably it is a big ticket one. Instead, these online opinions… (Featured image is for representational purpose and has been sourced from https://www.flickr.com/photos/gleonhard/28664657883)  *** […]

Cicret Bracelet – Your arm is Your New Touch Screen

A smartphone could soon be a thing of the past with the Cicret Bracelet making headway in the technology world. Similar to Apple’s iRing, the Cicret Bracelet will encompass the functions of a smartphone, a fitness band, a projector and a touchpad into its sleek body. Cicret includes two… (Featured image is for representational purpose and has been sourced from https://www.flickr.com/photos/yagisu/28152676814) *** […]