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    Need a Pill? Download in 3D

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    It’s an integral part of sci-fi. Even Star Trek had the Replicator that would print food for the hungry crew in 3D. The Replicator was designed to build a tasty meal by mixing material in the right combination to provide the desired texture, smell, taste and shape instantly. Forget food, 3D printers have gone beyond that to print a human […]

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    Zika: Another Epidemic That Could Have Been Avoided

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    The Zika virus outbreak in South America has created a medical emergency around the continent and beyond. Genetically modified mosquitoes designed and developed in the laboratories to fight dengue are being held responsible for this epidemic. The pharmaceutical industry appears weapon-less to tackle this disease. Lack of vaccines and mechanisms to combat it appears to be the major concern. Drug […]

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    Drones Aim for 30-Minute Delivery of Orders

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    At a time when Amazon is still battling it out with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) to get the required clearance to allow its drones to fly and delivery packages to customers, Australian companies Zookal and Flirtey have joined hands to deploy hexacopters to tackle postal costs. However, today if drones are moving out of the military zone and entering […]

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    Wear Future on your Shoes

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    Those light-emanating kids shoes have been amusing kids and adult onlookers alike for over two decades now. Onlookers, that’s no more  the scenario. You can now flaunt canvas shoes with your favorite character moving around animatedly, magical moving pictures, or custom designs that change while you get heads to bow to look while you walk past. Even better, all you need is […]

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    Copy Cats set to Reduce Healthcare Costs

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    It’s a new trend that’s gaining momentum in the arena of medication. There are a host of copycat medicines that are coming our way, which are set to revolutionize medicine costs, offering more customized treatment. Chemically synthesized drugs like choles­terol-lowering Lipitor, the one-time phar­maceutical sales leader, gained a host of replicas churned out by generic drug com­panies once patent protection […]

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Will Google Repeat an Android in Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is making headway in more ways than one, entering into mainstream everyday life across quarters. As we near the end of 2015, I can look back to find three very prominent applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that have been implemented by three industry giants. • In Jan-Feb 2015, Facebook open sourced its optimized deep-learning modules for Torch which […]

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Need a Diamond? Q-Carbon Can Make One in 15 Minutes

Diamonds are not just a woman’s best friend, but an intriguing aspect for scientists too. For decades now, scientists have tried to synthesize artificial diamonds in the lab by recreating the environment of high heat and pressure found in the bowels of the Earth which crushes graphite into sparkling gems. Some have also experimented with a method called chemical vapor […]


Google Promises Needle-Free Blood Tests For Diabetics

Non-invasive medicare is gaining momentum, and Google is making large strides towards this new era of healthcare. If the news of Google Lens to test blood sugar levels through tears was any comfort for diabetics, then here’s another for those who need to undergo regular blood tests. Google recently filed a patent application that describes a technology to draw small […]

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Magic Gel Heals Wounds in Seconds

Uncontrolled bleeding, either during a battle or due to lack of coagulating substances in the blood, has been a primary cause for deaths due to injury from the days of yore. Prehistoric medical data suggests that man used grass and herbs to dress wounds. Towards the period of Sushruta in 1100 BC, surgeons of the time even practiced suturing for […]

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Facebook for the Blind

In a world where Facebook has literally revolutionized socializing and connecting across borders, there is a group of people that has been left behind in the race. The visually challenged, though they know what’s Facebook, have rarely been able to enjoy and utilize the network. But this is soon to become a thing of the past. The Facebook Accessibility Team […]


On-Demand Music Streaming to battle Piracy

On-demand music streaming services is creating a paradigm shift in the music industry. The revenue from the worldwide retail sales of recorded music was just shy of $22 billion, with the revenue from digital platforms roughly a billion more than that from physical platforms. On-demand music streaming services have been gaining popularity owing to the fact that smartphone penetration has […]

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The Cloud is now Open

The era of cloud computing is going through an intriguing phase. Any discussion on this subject brings Amazon Web Services (AWS) to the fore. AWS has contributed so generously to this application field that I often wonder if Amazon is the only savior of cloud computing. It is undoubtedly the foremost cloud service provider. But then there is a recent […]

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The Future of Manufacturing is Here

Generative Design Powers Additive Manufacturing Have you ever wondered that while some technologies like smartphones, electronics and artificial intelligence are getting astonishingly complex and futuristic by the day, there are some that haven’t changed for decades or may be even centuries? Why is technology advancement in the space of furniture manufacturing, construction industry, and mechanical parts used in cars and […]

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Blinded by the Spot

Each time you drive if you dread the “blind spot” you are not being unnecessarily dreadful. The blind spot causes accidents routinely, all over the world, and is a nightmare for both new and veteran drivers. In the US, approximately 9% of crash scenarios involve changing lanes or merging. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in Washington […]

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A Virus That Can Kill Cancer

A vial of virus injected into a patient will help him fight cancer. This might have sounded unbelievable 25 years ago and technologically impossible 15 years back. As the technology for creating a custom virus did not exist, all early efforts focused on finding natural oncolytic viruses. During the 1960s, promising research involved using poliovirus, adenovirus, Coxsackie virus, ECHO enterovirus […]