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    Rise of Augmented Reality in Social Networks

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    Augmented reality is dramatically changing the landscape of social media messaging. While virtual reality requires specialized equipment, augmented reality or AR is far more practical for users. It is changing the way messages are shared by hiding them virtually over a mutually agreed location. Snapchat has specialized in this domain, unlike Facebook, which has many other areas of expertise. In […]

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    The I-Q battle of 4G LTE

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    The 4G-LTE market is competitive like never before with the technology evolving towards a connected future where reliable communication systems with very high data speeds and practically zero latency are the need of the hour. Chipmakers are consistently pushing their limits to create devices that can achieve these gigabit speeds. And it is none other than Intel and Qualcomm that […]

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    Race for Ace Continues in 4G LTE Patentscape

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    From LTE to LTE-Advanced Pro, the telecom industry has focused on enhancing user experience with high data speeds and reduced latency. LTE-Advanced Pro includes features such as Enhanced Carrier Aggregation, Licensed Assisted Access (LAA), Full Dimension MIMO (FD-MIMO), and aggregation of small and macro cells through dual connectivity. These together help achieve speeds of around 3Gbps with a latency of […]

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    US, China Active Incubators for CRISPR Technologies

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    CRISPR, the gene editing technique that became popular world over in 2012, is drawing the attention of researchers. This technique of genetic engineering offers revolutionary prospects encouraging researchers to improvise, develop and tame these breakthrough molecular scissors. Amid the high stake patent battle between University of California and Broad Institute, scientific research in this domain continues to intrigue inventors and […]

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    Retail Augments the Virtual World for Customer Delight

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    2016 was a significant year for the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) industry. New headsets such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive were introduced in the market, taking consumers deeper into the energy zone of immersive innovation. The greater part of virtual reality content was centered on gaming and excitement, and the blended reality substance was constrained. While VR […]


Facebook Cares About Your Mood

Facebook seems to leave no stone unturned when it comes to attempts to keep its customers glued to the application. A craze among youngsters, Facebook has transcended the barriers of age and time. As of March 2017, there are over 1.94 billion monthly and 1.28 billion daily active Facebook users worldwide. With five new profiles created every second, the customer […]

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Showrooms go Car-less, Drive the VR Route

Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol; Back to the Future 2; I, Robot; Minority Report – there’s one common thread binding them all – Augmented Reality technology pervading automobiles. MI IV brought in a BMW i8 Concept car, powered the windshield with an interface to navigate through the city replete with direction markers. Back to the Future 2 had the BMW […]

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Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality – which is our Future?

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two trending technologies of 2017. Nearly all major companies have entered the race for a market share in AR and VR. Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Samsung are some of the leading companies competing to launch AR and VR devices in the market. While gaming is a popular application, several players in the […]

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3D Printed Skin can help Robots Feel

3D Printing or additive manufacturing is sometimes believed to be larger than the Internet and we are just beginning to see its true potential. The technology first became visible in the late 1980’s, at which time it was called Rapid Prototyping (RP). The very first patent application for RP technology was filed by Dr. Kodama, in Japan, in May 1980 […]

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Apple vs. Samsung: A Collision on Different Crossroads

Talk of Apple and Samsung and the picture that conjures up is that of the Smartphone wars. From patent infringement contentions to legal battles on design infringement, from courtroom face-offs to out-of-court settlements, these two companies have locked horns for many years now. In a recent development, Apple and Samsung have moved their battle for a larger share of the […]

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Dancing Drones are Revamping Entertainment

It was a time when mini helicopters were the staples of the movies, not the stage. In 2012, while the audience were enthralled by the performance by Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase they were suddenly transported to a new level of stage presentation. Jonathan Santana & Xander Smith of advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi set a new benchmark by awing […]

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Gigabit ReaLTE and the Changing  4G/LTE Patentscape

Ever since the 3GPP alliance was formed, it has accelerated the growth of the telecommunications industry, albeit more regulated. The LTE platform has evolved tremendously over the last few years, bringing forth a time where LTE-Advanced and LTE-Advanced Pro standards are in near deployment stages across many countries. While LTE-Advanced supports large-scale adoption of 4G networks, its Pro version is […]

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5G Impact – Internet Speeds may hasten IoT

Back in the 90’s downloading the latest movies in full HD or live streaming a Manchester United match in a matter of seconds was unimaginable. The concept of mobile phones also was an elitist idea. In just about a decade, 4G has already set a perfect benchmark for futuristic 5G which aims at higher data transfer capacity, lower latency and […]

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Touch Anywhere to Unlock your Smartphone

Ever since biometric locks started getting popular with smartphone users, the concept of number and pattern locks is slowly phasing out. Biometric locks, which include a range of identification methods including face recognition, retinal scan, IRIS and even posture recognition, are making an effort to plug loopholes that expose smart devices to hacker threats. But by far, fingerprint recognition has […]