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    Akamai Stands Bright in the Limelight

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    June 2, 2014 could have been like any other day but for the fact that the Supreme Court’s judgement on Limelight Networks, Inc. vs. Akamai Technologies, Inc. case was due. The day was a culmination of all events that preceded this event. It all started as a PhD project for a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor Tom Leighton and […]

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    From Smart Phones to Smart Homes

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    Stepping into a cool and comfortable home with a cup of freshly brewed coffee waiting to be served after a hectic day at work is nothing less than luxury in today’s fast paced world. And for this to happen, you don’t need to be Richie Rich or have a butler, but a smartphone and a smart home. Welcome to the […]

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    Taming 3D Printing Inventions

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    In the previous blog, our blogger discussed how 3D Printing is set to revolutionize healthcare. However, there are several concerns of ethical patenting plaguing this sector. This blog delves into this issue to understand how the US Government is trying to protect authentic inventions. The market for 3D printing is expected to grow to over $8.4 billion by 2025. Today 3D printers, which are […]

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    Relax & Energize with Digital Drug

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    Better sleep, reduced hangovers, motivated workouts, increased productivity, active start on a Monday morning – while all these are still persistent items in our ‘to-achieve’ list, Isy Goldwasser set off on a solution finding mode. Result? She created the world’s first digital drug to alter a person’s mood! Goldwasser’s Silicon Valley start up, Thync, has introduced a smartphone-controlled headset, also […]

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    Qimonda Supercharges Samsung’s OLED Biz

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    In a lightning fast turnaround from portfolio acquisition to licensing, WiLAN announced it has licensed Qimonda’s patent portfolio to Samsung barely a week after WiLAN acquired it from Qimonda.  The patent portfolio of Qimonda comprised of more than 7,000 patents and applications related to various semiconductor technologies including DRAM, FLASH memory, semiconductor processes, semiconductor manufacturing, lithography, packaging, semiconductor circuitry and […]

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PC Designers Accept Bitcoin Challenge

In my previous blog on whether cryptocurrency can usher in a Utopia, I elucidated about a complete e-currency system that was bereft of a centralized authority and how a system determines the adding of coins to the e-coffer through ‘mining’ strategies. But how does one decide how many coins to produce and when to stop? Well, Bitcoin’s mysterious creator has […]

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A Printer that Walks on Paper

Most gadgets have gone mobile, giving us the flexibility to telecommute or work on the go. However, there is one device that missed the flight – the Printer! It is no wonder that while we can work from any part of the world that offers Internet connectivity, we most often than not struggle to find a printer. This was a […]

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Organ Failure? Print a New One

Did you know that since 2013 cosmetics giant L’Oreal Group hasn’t tested its products on animals? Instead, it has been relying on “reconstructed human epidermis” — basically bits of skin grown in a lab — to ensure that its products are safe. Scientists have successfully bioprinted various living human organs like the skin, liver, bones, heart valves, stem cells and […]

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Spacecraft That Defies Laws of Physics

In order to ensure the survival of the human race, humanity needs to colonize other planets. A similar sentiment has been expressed by Stephen Hawking claiming that: “…long term future of the human race must be space and that it represents an important life insurance for our future survival…”  As important as colonizing is, there are still many parts that […]

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Cryptocurrency Code: Utopian or Speculative Investment?

It all started in 2009 when pseudo named Satoshi Nakamoto created the world’s most widely popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.  Rife with anonymity and in the absence of a regulatory authority and middlemen, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining much mileage for e-transcations. In fact, in recent times, several top-notch e-retailers such as Amazon.com and pizza makers, web hosting service providers […]

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Potter’s Invisibility Cloak is now Unfeelable

JK Rowling might have contemplated optical invisibility, but scientists at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, claim to have mimicked magic a notch ahead. While Rowling imagined an invisibility cloak that prevented the subject from being seen, the KIT team claims they can prevent the subject from being felt, or even sensed by a force measuring device. This can be considered […]

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Forget 3D; the Fourth Dimension is Catching Up

Such is the astounding capability and utility of 3D printing that not so long ago 3D printing was used to print a human kidney using actual cells as ink! 3D printing is commercially affordable, revolutionary and appears to be pushing the envelope in technology advancement. However, for those who think 3D printing, as it exists, is here to stay for […]