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    From Google to Tesla, it’s a war of LIDAR or RADAR

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    Imagine this. It’s a Monday morning after a vacation period. You know the streets are going to be crowded. Yet, it’s a Monday morning sans the driving-to-work blues because all you need to do is step into your car, key in your destination and relax with a cup of coffee while your car navigates its way through the traffic. Even […]

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    From Addiction to Wonder Drug, Will Opioids Win this Battle?

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    Pain treatment is a subject that has garnered ample attention from the medical fraternity since the days of recorded medical history. From the times of Sushruta till the era of IoT, treating pain in its various formats has kept researchers’ interest alive. Opium in its natural and synthetic forms has been used in the past to treat pain. Opiate, an […]

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    Let your Smartphone Soar with Drones

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    The smartphone industry has reached a stage of denouement, having evolved from a phase of unprecedented growth, high stakes patent litigation and finally a mature stage of cross licensing and patent pooling. The industry is now set to marry the emerging technology of drones that has begun a journey similar to that of smartphones. From celebrations to security management, drones […]

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    Apple’s Sensor Fillip to Headphone-Speaker Flip

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    Headphones that switch to speakers and back is no big deal. Several manufacturers around the world own a product or two of this sort. But Apple knows just how to do it the classy way. For one, you don’t really need a button to switch between speaker and headphone modes. Instead, flip the ear cups of the headphone and turn […]

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    Marvel Hero Powers come to Life

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    It’s been 78 years since Marvel Comics started publishing comics for kids as Timely Publications. But it was the reinvention in 1961 that brought forth timeless superheroes like Spider Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Wolverine, Batman, Doctor Strange and many more. With this reinvention of comic characters, Marvel opened up a marvelous world of super heroism with enchanting superpowers […]

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Finding Prior Art in the Most Unusual Places

Searching perfect prior art for a patent is an art. A prior art that can invalidate an issued patent or render a patent application not novel is what every prior art searcher aims to find. Searching for prior art not only requires knowledge of the claimed technology but also skill – skill to frame effective search strategies and queries, select […]

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H.264 – The leading video coding standard

Video coding format plays a quintessential role in storage and transmission of digital video content. From Blue-Ray discs, set top boxes, digital media players, personal computers to mobiles devices, the support for a video coding format is essential for storage and transmission of digital video content. The need for digitally compressing data for transmission and storage has given rise to […]

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Artificial Spider Silk Could Revolutionize Clothing & Warfare Apparel

We have built supersonic missiles that fly faster than the speed of sound and travelled all the way to the moon; yet the silken threads created by tiny house spiders to catch their prey remains an astonishing marvel of nature’s engineering. As thin as it seems, a spider web can absorb large amount of energy without breaking or losing its […]


Self-Flying Cars are Here to Stay

Travelling from one point to another without waging through noisy, congested roads has become a far-fetched persistent dream of city dwellers. The average hours wasted on the road worldwide is monotonically increasing with little respite coming from tubeways and expressways. This has inevitably affected productive time at work, time with family, money spent on fuel, pollution-related diseases, and a marked […]

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Apple-Samsung war may power Design Patents

For the first time in its history spanning over 120 years, the US Supreme Court is hearing a design patent case of Apple vs. Samsung.  It is a well-known fact that Apple’s design patents have revolutionized the design patent industry and proved the impact and importance of “Solid” and “Broken” lines in the design patent of an article of manufacture. […]

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Is it a must-win for Biogen over Forward Pharma?

Biogen has had a news-breaking start to the year, first with Michael Vounatsos taking over as the CEO of the company; and second, with Vounatsos announcing a payout of $1.25 billion to Forward Pharma to settle a patent licensing agreement. Vounatos has been quoted in the media as saying this will help strengthen Biogen’s intellectual property and protect its drug […]

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Protein Sequence Analysis: An Essential Tool for Innovation

“Knowledge of sequences could contribute much to our understanding of living matter.” – Frederick Sanger, Nobel Laureate & biotechnologist Patenting protein sequences has been a subject of much contention. It often carries the burden of being governed by the doctrine of equivalents, despite the fact that there is an increasing number of modified proteins being created by pharmaceutical companies with […]

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From Wal-Mart to Internet Privacy, Blockchain is Foraying Everywhere

When the anonymous founder(s?) of Bitcoin started the blockchain transaction method under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, little did he/they realize that their concept of creating Digital Gold would soon turn into a new exploratory digigraphy for retail major Wal-mart. Wal-mart is expected to conduct a pilot project in the early months of 2017 where it will leverage blockchain technology […]

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Redefining Eligibility for Business Method Patents in the US

For those familiar with the patenting of business methods, they know the key role that the case of State Street & Trust Co. v. Signature Financial Group played in deeming certain business methods patent ineligible. This litigation was heard by the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) where State Street & Trust claimed that their business […]