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    Who Invented the Hybrid Anyway?

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    Toyota and Ford have always been the top dogs when it comes to filing patents in automotive sector. However, the most essential, influential and backbone of hybrid vehicle patents were filed by Severinsky of Paice. Prius leans towards Severinsky Now, Severinsky’s story in itself is quiet interesting. Born and raised in the erstwhile Soviet Union, he earned a PhD from […]

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    You Miss, I Hit, They Glow!

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    Dhoni’s ‘Deflect Throw’ method for run-outs, which saves those precious fractions of a second over the conventional ‘gather and dislodge’ method has grabbed eyeballs. But there’s one other thing that’s caught people’s attention this ICC World Cup season – the LED stumps. While we saw the LED stumps for the first time during the ICC T20 World Cup hosted by […]

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    Protecting Oscar

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    The Academy awards is around the corner with Bradley Cooper making it into the Oscar nomination for the third consecutive time, this time for American Sniper. Last year Cooper had taken the very popular celebrity selfie at the awards (from Ellen Degeneres phone?). The jury is still contemplating on who owns the copyright to the selfie. Interestingly this is not […]

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    Hybrid makes a Century

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    It’s a hundred! Well, we are not talking about cricket, but a century since the first hybrid car patent application. It is true that fuel prices have dropped from the high that it hit in 2012. Industry figures show a spurt in hybrid car purchases post 2012 following the mammoth rise in fuel costs. Despite a drop in rates per […]

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    World Cricket Pumps Up with Fair Play Technology

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    The ICC World Cup is set to begin tomorrow and the Adelaide Oval is ready to blaze with India playing against Pakistan on Sunday – a much-awaited, highly electrifying match. Every howzzat, every LBW appeal and every missed catch finds all eyes on the umpires with an admixture of hope and accusation. Remember the 2011 India-Pakistan semi-final match when Sachin […]

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Heart Beats to the Song of Life

“You may want to come and say goodbye to him”: these are the words that hammered through Mary’s phone on March 31, 2014. Her 53-year-old husband, Steve Williams, was in hospital getting treated for the nth time for left ventricular hypertrophy and he had slipped into a coma. But what started as a traumatizing phase for the couple ended with the light […]


Sidecar Patent sends Warning Signals to Uber

In our series of blogs related to taxi services, we discussed passenger safety and we deliberated how cab drivers can be at risk. But in this melee, how do some reputed cab services companies stand to suffer serious damages, albeit economic? How can they dodge such lethal bullets? Uber is the dominant and most bullish player in the taxi industry. […]


Decoding the Value of Intellectual Property

August 2012 – Facebook acquires Instagram for $521 million. Amount paid for Intangible assets – $138 million. October 2013 – Microsoft acquires Skype Global S.a.r.l. for $8.6 billion. Amount paid for Intangible assets – $1.648 billion. August 2014 – Google acquires Motorola Mobility for $12.4 billion. Amount paid for Intangible assets – $7 billion. This is just a sneak peek […]


Apple Pay, Google Wallet, CurrentC: It’s a new fuss in NFC

Credit Card trashed? Check. Train ticket trashed? Check. Loyalty Cards trashed? Check. Perfect for the new wave of easing the wallet of its weight. Welcome the brave new world of NFC technology. Going are the days when you need to carry on you a hoard of cards and a mind filled with passwords. With Apple’s Apple Pay and Samsung’s potential […]


Winning the Battle against Cancer

Numb. Devastated. Scared. That’s the emotion the word “Cancer” evokes when it comes from a doctor. “How long will I live?” While physicians didn’t quite have an answer (any answer, should I say?!) until a couple of years ago, now they can with a high level of confidence respond with a smile to many of their patients – “Your entire […]


From NASA to Pizza, Drone-Power to Pilot Future Business

We’ve watched a transfixed Matthew McConaughey follow a surveillance drone in the blockbuster movie Interstellar. This scene was set many years into the future. However, it did pique my interest in drones and the possibilities they could create some years down the line. From the U.S. coast guards using UAVs to locate vessels suspected of carrying contraband to military personnel […]


An Uber Way to Make Cabs Safer

Cab safety is becoming a bone of contention for passengers and drivers alike. While stakeholders are looking at several ways to make travelling by taxi a safe experience, we showcase to you a couple of interesting patented technologies that, if implemented well, can help make taxi travel safer – both for passengers and drivers. In the first of our two-part […]

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It’s Christmas and It’s Raining Patents

Ho ho ho! Santa is here and he has some patents for you. Patents, you say, not presents? Yes sir, patents. Not the sort of gift one would normally expect for Christmas, is it? But what if these patents were related to Santa and Christmas? Interesting, right? Cometh Christmas, cometh the season to relax, rejoice and relish the festive fervour. […]


Your Car has Arrived, Mr. Stark…

Do you know JARVIS? Yes you do, every comic fan does. After all he is Iron Man’s uber cool, super smart butler-cum-assistant, an Artificially Intelligent computer program to which Tony Stark has access whenever, wherever he wishes. It carries out Mr. Stark’s orders no sooner than it receives them. Every Iron Man fan wants his or her own JARVIS, of […]