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    Boeing to offer ‘Cuddle Chairs’ to Economy Passengers

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    Jack had to take a six hour long flight from New York to Los Angeles. Having slept for just four hours over the last two days, he felt it imperative to use the flight to catch up on some sleep. Jack had hoped he would swim in the ocean of deep slumber during his flight. Instead, he got a sore […]

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    Hover Bikes to hit roads in 2017; Flying Cars soon

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    Where you’re going there are no roads. So what? Let your imagination fly. From Hagrid’s flying bike to Return of the Jedi, hover bikes are no more a fantasy. Come 2017, you may begin seeing bikes riding flying alongside you on the roads. Unlike the more complex controls of an aircraft, hover bikes will be much easier to control, claim […]

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    Apple & Google to fight Diabetes

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    There was a time when diabetes mellitus was pretty much a rarity. With changing lifestyle in a fast paced world, today diabetes is classified as a lifestyle disease. In fact, one in every 19 people around the world has diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, more than 29 million people, or 9.3% of the U.S. population, suffer from high […]

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    NASA to take Nissan’s auto car to Mars

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    Nissan’s zero-emission autonomous car is all set to be shipped to Mars. You read that right. By the end of 2015, Nasa plans to test an autonomous car by Nissan (prototypes of the Nissan Leaf?!) at its Ames Research Center. Researchers from Nasa and Nissan will test a fleet of zero-emission autonomous vehicles that can be used to transport materials, goods, […]

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    Contact Lens that Zoom In with a Wink

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    Google’s patented contact lens that can measure blood sugar levels in tears created a terrific buzz across the world. It’s almost being signed off as a fantastic non-invasive method for diabetics to keep a tab on their health. And now, researchers in Switzerland have taken the contact lens-syndrome (if I may call it so!) to a new level. A set […]

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Relax, Your Car Can Think & Drive

The grand South by Southwest Festival 2015 is set to get all the more glamorous this year with a special attendee! This attendee will drive 3,500 miles across the U.S. starting from San Francisco – unattended at that – to reach the venue. Hello everyone at the festival. Please put your hands together for the driverless Audi Q5! Come March […]


Protein Charges Smartphone in 30 Seconds

From 0% to 100% in 30 seconds. That’s how long it will take to charge your smartphone battery. Scientists in Israel have succeeded in developing a technology that can charge a smartphone in just 30 seconds. StoreDot Ltd., a University of Tel Aviv-based technology research and development company, showcased its proprietary bio-molecule based smartphone battery charger FlashBattery during the Microsoft […]


Tick, Tock… Click… Unlock your car

Gone are the days when you had to insert a key to unlock a car’s doors. Most modern day models come with a remote locking system that can lock and unlock all doors at once with the press of a button. Some luxury makers even allow windows to close and open using a key fob. However, with the level of […]

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Project Loon ushers in Wireless Future

What according to you is the most transformational technology of this millennium? Is it the Internet? But a high-speed, economical Internet connection is still out of reach for every two out of three people on earth. Google has ushered in a new revolution of space exploration featuring phenomenal levels of ingenuity, creativity and scientific mastery. The world is on the […]


Tesla, Toyota Open Patents Fuel Battery War

It’s a new phase of patent warring that we’ve been witnessing in the automobile world in the last few months. In June 2014, Tesla Motors broke open its patent wall and promised to not initiate any lawsuit against manufacturers using its patented electrical vehicle technology in good faith. Following the steps of this samaritan, in January this year Toyota opened […]


Smartphone Beats Console in its Game

With innumerable functions and substituting a plethora of devices, smartphones have indeed proven to be an efficient jack of all trades. Year after year there have been roaring additions in specs such as megapixels, RAM size, graphics, size of the smartphone itself, sensors, battery life and durability, along with the new versions of Android, IOS and Windows, thereby making the […]


Who Invented the Hybrid Anyway?

Toyota and Ford have always been the top dogs when it comes to filing patents in automotive sector. However, the most essential, influential and backbone of hybrid vehicle patents were filed by Severinsky of Paice. Prius leans towards Severinsky Now, Severinsky’s story in itself is quiet interesting. Born and raised in the erstwhile Soviet Union, he earned a PhD from […]

Will Dhoni get EcKermann to give him the glowing timber?
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You Miss, I Hit, They Glow!

Dhoni’s ‘Deflect Throw’ method for run-outs, which saves those precious fractions of a second over the conventional ‘gather and dislodge’ method has grabbed eyeballs. But there’s one other thing that’s caught people’s attention this ICC World Cup season – the LED stumps. While we saw the LED stumps for the first time during the ICC T20 World Cup hosted by […]


Protecting Oscar

The Academy awards is around the corner with Bradley Cooper making it into the Oscar nomination for the third consecutive time, this time for American Sniper. Last year Cooper had taken the very popular celebrity selfie at the awards (from Ellen Degeneres phone?). The jury is still contemplating on who owns the copyright to the selfie. Interestingly this is not […]


Hybrid makes a Century

It’s a hundred! Well, we are not talking about cricket, but a century since the first hybrid car patent application. It is true that fuel prices have dropped from the high that it hit in 2012. Industry figures show a spurt in hybrid car purchases post 2012 following the mammoth rise in fuel costs. Despite a drop in rates per […]