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    Patenting Business & Software Methods: The Beginning

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    Until 1998, software related business methods could not foresee a future and were considered as un-patentable subjects. Inventors had to rely on copyrights and trademarks to protect their software related business methods. However, (thankfully!) this belief was laid to rest by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit’s (CAFC) 1998 decision on State Street Bank & Trust Co. v. […]

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    No Wi-Fi; It’s Li-Fi Power for IoT

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    The 802.11 WiFi standard is celebrating its 26th birthday this month; the technology has enrooted our lives. For years, WiFi essentially owned the 2.4 GHz ISM and 5 GHz U-NII bands. With Internet of things, feature expansion and ever increasing data rate demands, the technology faces major challenges ahead. However a new ray of hope comes from Visible Light Communication – the […]

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    Patenting Complex Chemical Compounds Made Easy

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    A person without a chemistry background is often found to wonder how a patent is granted for a chemical compound. As per popular belief, every compound is a mix and match of elements. This makes the world of chemistry a place with little left to research and obtain a worthy patent. But if patents are still being filed in this […]

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    No more Apple Picking for Thieves

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    iPhone thefts, also referred to as “Apple Picking”, would probably become a rarely heard term soon, thanks to the aggressive anti-theft measures designed and put into action by Apple in recent years. Continuing on its indomitable efforts to enhance security of the high-end product, Apple has filed a patent that takes things a step further. Based on U.S patent application […]

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    Flying Cars to Take Off in 2017

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    Being stuck in traffic can make the imagination run wild; the longer the traffic snarl, the greater the desire for a flying car. While motorists across the world’s choked roads have been dreaming of a flying car – even if it’s as banal as the Weaselys’ Flying Ford Anglia – Slovakian company AeroMobil S.R.O. has conjured up a prototype. AeroMobil […]

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A Backpack that helps you Jump to Safety

Are you working or living in a skyscraper? Then this is a technology you should considering owning in close quarters to help you in emergencies such as fire accidents. There may be situations when not everyone in a building can exit through the fire-exit stairway. At times, the only option could be jumping out of a window, which is not […]

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Slimy, Squishy, Slithery Robots

Gone are the days when robots used to be huge monstrous machines aka Transformers style. Robots of the size of a fly astonished the world but still retained their machine-like appearance and behavior. The typical metallic or plastic robots failed to mimic the flexibility and agility of a living system. No matter what robots could do to ease human life, […]

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Rio Olympics 2016: A Parade of Exciting Tech Innovations

The Rio Olympics is considered the most technologically advanced Olympic games till date. The entire globe turned its focus to this fortnight’s event that not just celebrated fantastic athletic competition, but also gave innovators an opportunity to showcase brilliant technologies that enhanced the experience of players, spectators and refereeing officials like never before. From Virtual Reality, Video Reviews, GPS, Underwater […]

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Raising the Bar of Touch Screen Tech

Touch screens are the order of the day. From phones to tabs, and now even laptop screens, touch screens have made tech navigation a lot easier from the days of the mouse. In an effort to convert conventional laptop screens into a touch-sensible one, Swedish company Neonode has developed a bar that can convert any screen into an optic touch-sensitive […]

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Will Alice drive out Pokemon Go from Wonderland?

Nintendo’s business has been soaring high with the successful launch of the game. But a question that is still popping up is whether Pokémon GO’s profit engine will be derailed by challenges that software patents underlying the game are posed with? iRunway blogger Subhasri Das tries to understand this in the concluding series on Pokemon Go. On June 19, 2014, […]

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Pokemon GO powers new era of Gaming Tech

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, ushering in a new wave of gaming technology using Augmented Reality. It has defied the use of an Oculus Rift or Google Glass by tapping into something as simple as a mobile phone and GPS tracking. There have been controversies of national security and interesting snippets of individual players surrounding the Pokemon […]

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Volvo’s 2020 Dream may defy Death

1.25 million people die in road accidents every year, says a WHO report. While several developing nations have begun making it mandatory for motorists to use seat belts while driving, Volvo has gone a step ahead to make a bold announcement. The company aims to launch a death-proof car by 2020. This means that, anyone driving the latest “death-proof” autonomous […]