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    Raising the Bar of Touch Screen Tech

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    Touch screens are the order of the day. From phones to tabs, and now even laptop screens, touch screens have made tech navigation a lot easier from the days of the mouse. In an effort to convert conventional laptop screens into a touch-sensible one, Swedish company Neonode has developed a bar that can convert any screen into an optic touch-sensitive […]

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    Will Alice drive out Pokemon Go from Wonderland?

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    Nintendo’s business has been soaring high with the successful launch of the game. But a question that is still popping up is whether Pokémon GO’s profit engine will be derailed by challenges that software patents underlying the game are posed with? iRunway blogger Subhasri Das tries to understand this in the concluding series on Pokemon Go. On June 19, 2014, […]

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    Pokemon GO powers new era of Gaming Tech

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    Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, ushering in a new wave of gaming technology using Augmented Reality. It has defied the use of an Oculus Rift or Google Glass by tapping into something as simple as a mobile phone and GPS tracking. There have been controversies of national security and interesting snippets of individual players surrounding the Pokemon […]

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    Volvo’s 2020 Dream may defy Death

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    1.25 million people die in road accidents every year, says a WHO report. While several developing nations have begun making it mandatory for motorists to use seat belts while driving, Volvo has gone a step ahead to make a bold announcement. The company aims to launch a death-proof car by 2020. This means that, anyone driving the latest “death-proof” autonomous […]

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    F-Wheels v Hoverboard Tech – Who will Skateboard to Success?

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    Innovation has no bounds. What we see and experience today is getting replaced by something new the next day. While the world is yet to enjoy flying above the ground on an automated hover board, the latest rage of the one-wheel hover board is basking in its limelight. This one-wheeler wonder is surely going to make you regret if you […]

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Smartphone Apps, Courtrooms to ride Skateboards

Call it laziness or intelligence, automation has hit mankind so hard that humans are looking to automate every existing thing in the world. Today, driverless cars have become the most sought after technology for transportation. Yet, skates and skateboards still excite the newer generations. And the skateboards have evolved. Once, it was a fun sport; then it evolved to become a […]

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Spray Strength On Everything

The age of shiny, smooth, sparkling vehicles is slowly giving way to rugged, tough looks – at least in the category of heavy vehicles and SUVs. It’s the matt and sturdy finish that these vehicle owners are calling for. And it’s come as no surprise to the once insignificant bedliner service of the automotive industry. This was bound to happen […]

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Small is Big. One-Wheel Bike Proves it

Transportation is posing the biggest challenge to mankind today. There was a time when people waited for a bus for hours together to travel even 25 km away. Today, there is a gamut of options for ease of travel, but road infrastructure is unable to accommodate all of these vehicles with ease. In a bid to challenge this big woe, […]

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Decoding India’s Section 3(d) Pharma Controversy

India owns the third largest pharmaceutical industry in the world in terms of volume and is the 14th largest in terms of value. It has joined hands with those of China, Brazil, Russia and 13 other countries to create a pool of pharmerging countries. This pool is expected to contribute nearly 50% of the world’s annual pharmaceutical market growth. While India […]

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Trikes Power up with Solar, Wind

In the fourth of our five-part blog series on three-wheel electric hybrid bikes, we discuss cutting edge patented technologies on battery life. There are quite a few e-bikes entering the market today, most offering an average travel of 40 miles per charged battery. While exchanging drained batteries with recharged ones isn’t a concept in the market yet, these three-wheel hybrid […]

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Sterile Salmon on your Plate, and You Wouldn’t Know

Biotechnology is going heads-on into unexplored waters. After bioluminescent plants, there’s another surprise in store for the common man. The US Food and Drug Administration, popular as FDA, recently approved a genetically engineered salmon that grows twice as fast as its natural counterparts on 25 per cent lesser food, and is sterile. The brainchild of AquaBounty, the AquaAdvantage project involves […]

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Love to Innovate? Trikes Need Ideas

Perfect stability while tilting, absolute support while breaking, a tadpole style which ensures comfortable vehicle gait – all of these form important active safety systems in three-wheel electric vehicles. However, there are some safety systems that form an integral part of passenger safety in three-wheel electric vehicles, which, surprisingly, haven’t grabbed the eyeballs of inventors much. In the third of […]

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Oracle v. Google – A Struggle between Copyright & Fair Use

Over the past few years leading up to the trial last week, and even during the trial, several journalists, technologists and IP experts have opined on this case and what’s at stake. The opinions ranged from claiming open source software to be dead to calling the American judicial system of ‘trial by jury’ as stupid. Sarah Jeong, who authored the […]

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No more Accidents when you Tilt

When Toyota put up its i-Road for testing in 2014, it was more as an answer to urban road traffic gridlock. Sized as large as the larger fleet of motorbikes, it has seats for two people like any conventional bike – just that the entire seating was enclosed in a cockpit. With absolute competition driving in through Piaggio’s MP3 and […]