April, 2011

The ‘Green’ Carpet To Cost Reduction and IP Creation

Reading Time: 1 minute Green technologies optimize cost, create new IP and boost business growth. Discover how. The honeymoon period for green technology is over. What started as an idealistic way to score brownie points in the media and among certification agencies, soon led to the creation of mandatory regulations. Today, it is a vehicle for profit, and a potential channel for strategic IP […]

Stem Cell Patentability: Regenerating Wrong Theories?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Only sensible patentability can end the battle between responsible research and human interest Cells that regenerate themselves and ‘repair’ the human body have been exciting mankind for many years. Stem cells have today become a specialized branch of human biology with self-renewal and potency leading to research, experimentation and evolution theories. Crossroad of science and human interest Unlike other branches […]

IP in Nanotechnology: Small is not Beautiful!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nanotech has become a breeding ground for patent ‘tollgates’. What’s next? A PC processor that fits in the back pocket of your jeans, a room illuminated by light bulbs so tiny they are invisible when turned off – simple examples ofnanotechnology in daily life. As a science though, nanotech is far more complex, with various subsets to technology processes. Introduction of […]

Touchscreen Patents have a Fundamental Flaw!

Reading Time: 2 minutes They DO NOT talk of technology, but of features. This could well lead to a technology war with Apple bullying ‘the rest of them’. Is this fair? “A two-dimensional screen translation heuristic for determining that the one or more finger contacts correspond to the two-dimensional screen translation command rather than the one-dimensional vertical screen scrolling command based on the angle […]

Patent Pools: No Further Innovation?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Patent pools work well for standards-based technologies; for everything else, they are anti-competitive Often, multiple patents around a specific technology area lead to entangled patents, claims of one often pervading into the other. Besides creating patent thickets, such a scenario leads to complexities in litigation. Patent pools were formulated with the idea of preventing such casualties. Patent pools should ideally encourage increased […]