January, 2013

DNA Computing: An Answer to Fuzzy Logic

Reading Time: 3 minutes DNA computing is a form of  computing which uses DNA, biochemistry and molecular biology. A DNA computer has the same basic ability to store information and compute solutions like traditional computers, though its methodology is different as it uses molecular automations and reactions. For example, a DNA computer maybe envisaged as a tiny liquid-based computer comprising DNA in solution. The solution hence uses micro-biology and chemical reactions to compute […]

Piezoelectricity Emerging as Panacea to Power Crisis

Reading Time: 2 minutes Drive faster… faster… even faster… Sounds like a dream inspiration that you wish turns into reality? Well, it could soon come to that if the world goes the South Korean industrial designer Jung-Hoon Kim’s way and adopts the design of his eco-friendly electricity generating car, P-Eco. Conjured to run only on piezoelectricity, where a wire system inside the car vibrates […]