February, 2013

McKool Smith Helps VirnetX Get a Big Bite out of Apple

Reading Time: 2 minutes Apple involved in a patent lawsuit barely feels like news these days. While its war with Samsung has been a one-off case that has gizmo freaks across the world staring wide-eyed for updates that shouldn’t be missed, especially with Apple seeming to don a victory hat, a recent verdict against the company has made patent lawsuit followers sit up. VirnetX, an intellectual […]

Graphene – One Can’t Stay Behind in this Patent Race

Reading Time: 3 minutes Just imagine – a wafer thin display screen, as flexible as paper and unbreakable that you can mould into any shape you like and unfold it creaseless to use! Or how about getting rid of those heavy solar panels on your rooftop and instead have flexi panes on the outer walls of your house tapping solar energy! This is no […]

Hybrid Biking Gets a New Kick

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hybridization of the car and bike has been around for a couple of decades now. But with Polaris filing an application to patent its latest automobile innovation of the three-wheeler (likely to be named “Slingshot”), it has taken the interbreeding of the car-bike to a newer level. This three-wheeler buddy bike follows the norm of two wheels at the front […]

Podcasters Face the Patent Challenge

Reading Time: 2 minutes This could be the dawn of another war which has an NPE throwing shards of infringement charges at podcasters, again turning the spotlight on the much-deliberated topic of whether the USPTO is issuing patents to “Delphian concepts”!? Personal Audio, an NPE in the audio system domain has been sending out threat letters to several podcasters. Expert opinion suggests that attacking […]

Lack of Patent Killing Cancer of Cancer?

Reading Time: 2 minutes The importance of patents has been on the rise, and more so has its significance grown in the world of biotechnology. Some studies suggest that the biotech industry spends about 40-50% of its revenue on R&D, which catapults the necessity to protect its research results. But how many biotech researchers have the funding to patent their inventions? It’s a question […]

Hanging on to the ‘Like’ Controversy

Reading Time: 1 minute William Hazlitt once said, “When a thing ceases to be a subject of controversy, it ceases to be a subject of interest”. If there’s one trendy ‘rich and famous’ that this philosophy reminds us of, its facebook. Rife with controversies ever so often, facebook’s popularity only seems to be rising with every hullaballoo. Patent infringement cases that this social networking […]

Use Network Scanners, Earn a Lawsuit

Reading Time: 2 minutes Non-practicing entities, commonly known as patent trolls, have more often than not gained popularity for targeting small entities that do not have enough power to fight in courts and quickly settle the matter out of court. A study by the Santa Clara University’s School of Law has found that at least 66% of unique defendants to troll suits have an […]

It’s My Name and My Name Alone

Reading Time: 2 minutes If Shakespeare boldly questioned “What’s in a name?” today, he probably would have been flooded with responses in his facebook and twitter accounts. A recent report in the Business Standard magazine went gaga over international home products seller IKEA facing trademark obstacles in India what with at least three Indian companies registered with the same name. Piping interest is also […]