April, 2013

Hence God Exists; Reply!

 It is absolutely paradoxical; we cannot understand it, and we don’t know what it means, but we have proved it, and therefore we know it must be the truth.    – 1800s mathematician Benjamin Peirce In 1773, Denis Diderot, a leading figure of the French enlightenment and, in his time, considered a universal genius: philosopher, playwright and, most notably, editor of […]

Actionable Patent Landscapes

Twenty years ago, patent information was expensive, readily accessible only by professional researchers, and the tools to process it fairly crude. Today, patent information is cheap – many sources free, can be accessed by anyone, and the tools to analyze it quite sophisticated. One universal problem, however, has not changed from then to now. Decision-makers often receive patent landscape reports that offer […]

When Imagination and Reality Meet

The recent debates on 3D printing technology vs patents calls for an insight into this hot topic. Google trends indicate a startling rise in the search interest for ‘3D printing’ in 2013. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a process of creating a three-dimensional solid object of any shape and size from a digital model. 3D printing is achieved using an additive […]

Oracle Set to Better Garbage Collection

Garbage collection is all set to get better with Oracle. Wondering how? Well, the California based tech innovator has filed patent applications with the USPTO to protect its technology that shall help collect unused or dead memory and clean up software clutter! Oracle’s patent application reveals its plans to upgrade software systems with a dead memory retrieval technology and automated […]

Call Put On Hold? Apple May Make it an Interesting Wait

The week gone by was a rather fertile one for Apple, with the California based electronics device developer earning grants on several of its patents. One particular patent that caught my attention was this interesting advanced call waiting feature which will replace the existing monotonous display message with more customized data. Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 8,412,164 for a “communications system […]

Are IPRs Hindering Knowledge Transfer of Green Technologies?

Significant climatic changes seem to be bogging the entire world. If global warming took the centre stage in climatic worries until the last decade, droughts, storms and tsunamis are taking meteorologists by surprise now. In order to address these changes, inventors have been coming up with innovative patterns of power productions and consumption. Back in 2010, the United Nations Framework […]