October, 2013

When Inventions Get Crazy

Reading Time: 2 minutes We all love to invent – a new method to train the pet, a new dish, a new dream. Well… but how many times have we thought of patenting them? Well, there sure are a few people across the world who love to invent – what we could call crazy stuff – and have gone all out to patent their […]

Are We Looking at Ceasefire in Europe?

Reading Time: 1 minute For those of us itching for war updates between Samsung and Apple, this could come as a sigh. The Korean firm, which is riding huge fines for allegedly abusing the patent battle system in Europe, has decided to play peacemaker for five years over all SEPs (standard essential patents). Raising the olive branch, Samsung has agreed to refrain from seeking […]

Apple Set to Improvize Again!

Reading Time: 2 minutes The story of the race between the rabbit and the tortoise has been told and heard time and again. We all remember the moral by heart – “slow and steady wins the race”. And yet, we often fail to implement it in real life!In this constant chase and follow race of technology giants, this basic rule is repeatedly forgotten. Apple […]

IBM on Cloud Nine

Reading Time: 1 minute This could be an upstart for much faster bandwidth and better web and app experience for tech-lovers across the globe. And of course a reason to smile for e-tailers who face bandwidth issues and customer woes during their peak seasons. The USPTO has awarded IBM a patent grant for its method that is expected to drastically improve network bandwidth in […]

Let’s Split Fair

Reading Time: 2 minutes “I didn’t eat that much, yet I had to cough up money even for the gluttons!” A self-chiding voice that you resent to hear every time you head to the restaurant with a group? Chide yourself no more for the big brain of the internet, Google, has filed a patent application with a design to solve your woes. Filed in […]

Hey Baby! I Can See You Futuristically

Reading Time: 2 minutes Blue eyes, golden brown hair, tall, athletic, dimpled chin – well… this is no description of a romantic lead, but traits that one can visualize in their kids even before they are conceived! Surprised? Well, creating designer babies is quite a possibility, especially since California-based personal genomics and biotech company 23andMe was granted its patent that allows parents-to-be a possibility […]

Nokia Looks Back in Time

Reading Time: 2 minutes Patent wars between telecom giants Nokia and HTC refuse to die down, as recent developments in the case only hint at a long battle ahead. The dispute between the otherwise amicable parties started in May 2012 after Nokia filed an infringement case against HTC over nine key patents. This law suit springs a surprise as Nokia and HTC have been […]