November, 2013

Canon tO-LEaD

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last Thursday, USPTO published 52 Canon patents, a majority of which are related to printing and Digital Imaging. Canon patented some promising inventions for improving print quality. These patents include methods for suppressing bronzing and uneven glossiness of images, precise positioning and control of print sheets, and inspection of the quality of the printed image, to name a few. Moreover, […]

Pharma Cos Vs. The Common Man: Whom Will the TPP Pact Choose?

Reading Time: 2 minutes It was only recently that the world hailed India’s decision against granting a cancer drug patent to medico giant Novartis, ensuring that cost-effective medication is available to the masses. Following suit, several nations have shammed some portions of the trade agreement IPR text mentioned in the Trans-Pacific agreement, says a new Wikileaks report. Now, can patenting be a bane is […]

Samsung Wagers on Damages to Apple

Reading Time: 1 minute The patent war between Apple and Samsung can put an Indo-Pak cricket match to shame. This week is going to be another interesting period for those closely following the patent battle between the two telecom giants. The giants have kickstarted their second round of wringing necks in a California court – a trial which is expected to determine the final […]

Wanna Communicate Clearly? Get a Tattoo

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’re a gadget freak and have plans to tattoo yourself, keep your art work away from your throat. Motorola may soon give you a throat tattoo! Wondering if you’re reading right and why Motorola started tattooing? Well, this is what the American telecom multinational is up to. Alberth JR and William P of Motorola Mobility Inc. have filed a […]

IBM Growls at Twitter

Reading Time: 2 minutes IBM, which once dominated the technology development space in the 1970s and 80s, now seems to be lagging behind as more of a technology services company. Despite having lost out on its once major market share, it still is the strongest and smartest technology giant. It has reinforced its numero uno position with its recent infringement claims against Twitter and […]