May, 2014

Wronged Patentees Find a Friend in Australian Courts

Reading Time: 1 minute Patent stakeholders, check out. Australia is soon becoming a favored destination for innovators seeking interlocutory injunctions. Australian courts take an average of 18 months to decide on a patent infringement claim, during which period, it found, competitors were marketing their products and causing much harm to patentees. In an effort to protect the rights of patent holders during this period […]

Digital Technology Developers Racing Towards Automobile Industry

Reading Time: 3 minutes Technology companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft are leaving no stone unturned to establish their supremacy in the digital world. Having spread their presence from the computer and Internet web browsers, to hand held devices like Smart phones and tablets, it’s time to head for another consumer experience sector: the automobile industry. With 80 million new cars and light trucks […]

Green Tech Inventions Record Staggering Growth in 2013

Reading Time: 3 minutes The last few years have witnessed an increased interest in striking that perfect relationship between environmental sustainability and intellectual property. Such has been the advancement towards creating newer technology on “green pastures” that many companies have begun regarding a certain percentage of their patent portfolio as “green”. More so, several patent offices across the globe are also encouraging environment-friendly innovations […]

Bionic Eye: Ray of Light for the Visually Impaired

Reading Time: 4 minutes 2014 has truly brought not one but several rays of hope that are set to pour light into the lives of the visually impaired. Surgeons at the University of Michigan Health System have made the first officially FDA-approved “bionic eye” transplant, allowing patients with degenerative eye diseases to identify light and shapes. So what does the bionic eye do? It […]

Free Android OS? Think Again

Reading Time: 2 minutes When Google first raised the curtains to its Android operating system, it also delivered the promise that Android would remain a low-cost option for both users and device manufacturers. True enough, the free-to-use Android has enabled Nokia to create its economical in-house OS Asha, which gained a significantly wider customer base than its Lumia line of Windows 8 products. A […]