June, 2014

Have Great IP? The Big Fish Will Pay You a Fortune

Ever since the 1990s, mergers and acquisitions (more commonly called M&As) have been on a roll. Be it boom time or bust, M&As have always been at the helm of business affairs. And an interesting aspect of this business activity is that a majority of M&As were based entirely on the acquirer’s desire to obtain the target’s intellectual property assets. […]

Court ‘Likes’ Van Der Meer, Calls FB to Face Jury

For an entire year, when people were busy sharing, befriending and glorifying their emotions on Facebook, the social media company was busy trying to keep a patent lawsuit at bay. An earlier iRunway blog wondered the “Like” button on Facebook was in peril. But now, it’s clear that it’s not just the “Like” button, but the “Share” and other features […]