December, 2014

It’s Christmas and It’s Raining Patents

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ho ho ho! Santa is here and he has some patents for you. Patents, you say, not presents? Yes sir, patents. Not the sort of gift one would normally expect for Christmas, is it? But what if these patents were related to Santa and Christmas? Interesting, right? Cometh Christmas, cometh the season to relax, rejoice and relish the festive fervour. […]

Your Car has Arrived, Mr. Stark…

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do you know JARVIS? Yes you do, every comic fan does. After all he is Iron Man’s uber cool, super smart butler-cum-assistant, an Artificially Intelligent computer program to which Tony Stark has access whenever, wherever he wishes. It carries out Mr. Stark’s orders no sooner than it receives them. Every Iron Man fan wants his or her own JARVIS, of […]

Mobile Phones Ending the Credit Card Era?

Reading Time: 4 minutes It wasn’t until very long ago that people scorned the use of plastic money and held onto their wallets and ‘ready’ cash with their life. And thus they lived with the fear of wallets being stolen or cash dropped. However, over the last decade or so the aam aadmi has begun relying heavily on credit and debit cards for monetary […]

The Interstellar that NASA Knew?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Time and again we’ve seen science fiction inspire inventions, from Bat gadgets to Virtual reality in the Matrix and Jonny Quest series. However, let’s see if the opposite is also true? The Cooper Station that we see at the end of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, Interstellar, tolls us back to how probably the Noah’s ark looked. Replete with a baseball […]

Patentees Drive to Make the Virtual Real

Reading Time: 6 minutes Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality technology has begun revolutionizing industries. Yet, it is still in its nascent stage of growth with much left to discover. In the final of our five-part blog series on virtual reality technology, we showcase the patent landscape and the role of intellectual property in developing this tech domain. Virtual Reality in Gaming – U.S. Patent […]

A Digital Universe for Cyberia

Reading Time: 5 minutes VR technology has in a very short span grown into a strong human-computer interface. It has treaded the paths of medicine, entertainment, education, military and e-commerce to step into the extremely complex and enticing industry of manufacturing. In the fourth of our five-part series on Virtual Reality technology, our bloggers take you through a liberating experience of augmented reality, haptic […]

Sky is the limit for a Selfie

Reading Time: 2 minutes Going are the days of selfies on earth. People on earth (muggles that they are?!) may simply erase their boredom of clicking pictures of themselves on their smartphones against monotonous backgrounds of natural landscapes, hotels, beaches, etc. on earth. And why wouldn’t they when all they need to do is shell out is just $500 or Rs. 50,000! You read […]