August, 2015

Rise & Shine of the Mobile App Industry

Reading Time: 3 minutes The mobile app market is heating up. Such has been its magnanimous growth that it’s nearly being termed as the club of the elite 15 – an elite 15 comprising Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google, Google Search, Google Play, Google Maps, Gmail, You Tube, Instagram, Apple Maps, iTunes Radio/ iCloud, Amazon Mobile, Twitter and Snapchat. What’s interesting is that Apple, Google, […]

E-bikes are the Future of Urban Mobility

Reading Time: 3 minutes E-bikes are charting the future of urban mobility. With cities growing at a dramatic pace the world over, it is but obvious that urban commute needs an absolute revamp with a double whammy – healthy lifestyle and easy travel. In a three-part series, this blogger takes you through the e-bike giant and interesting technologies driving this future vehicle. Cities are […]

Unlock Smartphones With Your Ear

Reading Time: 2 minutes Smartphone security is a subject of growing importance. From number pins to voice and face recognition, security features to unlock a smartphone are getting innovative by the day. In a more recent development, Apple patented a technology that allows its iOS user to click a selfie as the key to unlocking a smartphone. While the face-scanning biometric security feature has […]

Goal Control Throws Football Challenge at Hawk Eye

Reading Time: 4 minutes FIFA has resisted the introduction of goal-line technology for some years as the board felt it was not good for the game. However, a series of goal line incidents has urged the association to revisit the issue. Since the many controversial decisions at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, including the famous denial of Frank Lampard’s goal against Germany, FIFA has […]

Ban May Help Maggi Reclaim Identity

Reading Time: 3 minutes Maggi is going through turbulent times. It’s being churned on the sea of controversy with some saying the lead and MSG levels are within permissible limits, while the others deny it. And as the tug of war continues, this most loved food brand which became a phenome that connected millions of people, has entered the endangered zone nearing extinction. The […]

Promising an End to Paralysis

Reading Time: 2 minutes Standing atop a mountain peak, swimming across a lake, or even just running in a park; physical activities like these keep us in good shape and are great recreational activities. However, something most of us never pay attention to is the ability that allows us to do such things in the first place – moving our legs on our own […]

The Dying Art of Patent Drawing

Reading Time: 3 minutes From Intrinsic to Chicken Scratches, these 21 patent drawings illustrate the devolution of the art over 200 years. As a patent analyst, one of the first aspects of this document of invention that grabs my attention is the drawings. Every illustration that accompanies a patent’s description gives the first best glimpse of an innovator’s creative imagination – a visual proof […]

Talking Refrigerators – New Wave of Internet of Things

Reading Time: 3 minutes Samsung’s Talking Refrigerator advertisement sent waves across the industry marking the onset of the era of what the common man has been waiting for – a connected worlds, an easier world, a world that truly marks the Internet of Things. As we head towards a technology-driven lifestyle with the evolution of the Internet of Things, gadgets around us require a […]