September, 2015

Adieu Gas Stations. Road Chargers are Here

Imagine a time when you can travel thousands of miles in your car without ever needing to stop to refuel. This is no dream of a future at 2050 but something that’s already come into existence and is being put through a heavy stress test. Britain has been testing a road infrastructure project that can charge electric vehicles while they […]

Technology Powers Offside Refereeing in Football

“The arrival of technology for me was a problem. I was not against goal-line technology but I was against further technology, because you begin with goal-line technology but then you have to have offside technology, penalty technology — and that is the end of football for me. If you have 10 offsides each side per game, then 20 times the […]

Future-Smart Wheels Power Up E-Bikes

E-bikes employ a whole range of cool technologies that are paving the way for future urban mobility. Considering the quick pace at which cities are growing today, efficient e-bikes are going to change the future of urban travel. In the second of a three-part series, this blogger takes you through interesting technologies that are set to become an integral aspect […]