October, 2015

Universities Tighten IP Leash Around Corporates

Reading Time: 3 minutes Innovation by universities is moving strong and bright under the limelight. This is now empowering universities to exercise their rights to protect their inventions from infringers, and what better way to do so than assert their patent rights. Even since the Bayh-Dole Act came into existence in 1980, universities in the US are on a freedom march, ensuring infringers of […]

Soccer scores over Cricket in Patent Bank

Reading Time: 3 minutes It was just recently that a co-blogger wrote a series on patents and intellectual property related to fairplay in soccer. I went back and forth reading the blog series on fairplay technology in soccer vis-à-vis blogs by another iRunway blogger on fairplay technology in cricket. And it made me wonder what’s it about soccer that while cricket has adopted fairplay […]

Growing Potatoes on Mars

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mars has regained its stardom on Earth in these last few weeks. First, there was that big buzz about water detected on the red planet, and then there is the blockbuster movie The Martian that’s taking the theatres by storm. On a third dimension, there is NASA’s interest to undertake manned missions to Mars in the next few decades, sometime […]

The Lord of iRings is Coming Soon

Reading Time: 5 minutes I’m sure as kids we all had that secret desire to own a power accessory – be it the magic wand or the power ring. The thought of controlling the world around us with a flick of a wand or button was no doubt overwhelming. But what just had been a fantasy back then could end up becoming reality considering the […]

Battle of the Tech Giants

Reading Time: 4 minutes The three popular tech giants of the world – Apple, Google, and Microsoft –are in a constant tussle with each other to be the best and leading technology supplier. These three companies together have produced technologies ranging from the old floppy disk that had a memory capacity of  1.2 MB to the very modern technologies of cloud computing where there […]

Cancer Diagnostic Lab in a Keychain

Reading Time: 4 minutes Imagine shrinking a refrigerator-sized spectrophotometer, fragile glass beakers and petri dishes, chemicals and heaters of a chemistry lab onto a tiny microchip that is the size of a key chain? A growing number of companies and universities are claiming to have devised miniaturized laboratories on a single piece of microelectronic chip that can perform vital analyses – from detecting biological […]

When A Computer Gets Judgmental

Reading Time: 4 minutes Artificial intelligence is the next step towards creating a global digital village. Scientists have been researching keenly to develop computer systems and algorithms that can perform not only at par with human intelligence, but outperform them. In the past one year, certain algorithms have even surpassed human performance. Here are a few such examples: Face Recognition: In April 2014, Chaochao Lu, […]