April, 2016

Training Eagles to Take Down Drones

Reading Time: 4 minutes Drones are raising the dust of interest among e-commerce and logistics companies. But they are sure becoming a pain point for the airline industry. Drones, officially called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are cluttering airspaces across several parts of the world, nearly turning into unsafe aerial vehicles. The latest of these precarious incidents includes an American Airlines flight that was landing […]

The Blind can now See Reality Virtually

Reading Time: 4 minutes Tribeca Storyscapes just got over. Notes on Blindness won a lot of hearts. But what entices me is Tribeca’s move to augment Virtual Reality Technology to create empathy on all the issues they wished to discuss through the films showcased this year – be it racism, violence, environmental harm, and most importantly, blindness. Notes on Blindness is based on the […]