May, 2016

No more Accidents when you Tilt

Reading Time: 4 minutes When Toyota put up its i-Road for testing in 2014, it was more as an answer to urban road traffic gridlock. Sized as large as the larger fleet of motorbikes, it has seats for two people like any conventional bike – just that the entire seating was enclosed in a cockpit. With absolute competition driving in through Piaggio’s MP3 and […]

Synthetic Biology Rewires Industries, Improves Job Market

Reading Time: 4 minutes The DNA has been piquing human interest for quite some time now. While man has been able to decipher some genomes, there are zillions of others that are sending out teaser signals to be decoded. And while these cryptographic challenges keep coming, man has been able to build new genomes from scratch in the lab by a process what we […]

Tilt Like a Pro in these Electric Tadpoles

Reading Time: 4 minutes Rising fuel costs and depleting natural fuel resources is driving the concept of electric vehicles as a cleaner transportation alternative. While the world is still steeped in its car culture, it is slowly beginning to embrace the coming age of electric vehicles. In fact, there is an increasing interest in smaller, but efficient and highly comfortable electric vehicles, which is […]

Deuterated Drugs set to Explode in Patent Battles

Reading Time: 2 minutes Circa 2015 created a flutter of excitement in the pharmaceutical world when scientists unearthed patents filed in the 1970s and found it supporting the claims of a modified drug manufactured in the USA. The SD-809 drug is a deuterated drug that is awaiting the FDA’s approval to get on shelves and help cure palsy in patients affected by Huntington’s chorea. […]