June, 2016

Trikes Power up with Solar, Wind

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the fourth of our five-part blog series on three-wheel electric hybrid bikes, we discuss cutting-edge patented technologies on battery life. There are quite a few e-bikes entering the market today, most offering an average travel of 40 miles per charged battery. While exchanging drained batteries with recharged ones isn’t a concept in the market yet, these three-wheel hybrid bikes […]

Sterile Salmon on your Plate, and You Wouldn’t Know

Reading Time: 3 minutes Biotechnology is going heads-on into unexplored waters. After bioluminescent plants, there’s another surprise in store for the common man. The US Food and Drug Administration, popular as FDA, recently approved a genetically engineered salmon that grows twice as fast as its natural counterparts on 25 per cent lesser food, and is sterile. The brainchild of AquaBounty, the AquaAdvantage project involves […]

Love to Innovate? Trikes Need Ideas

Reading Time: 4 minutes Perfect stability while tilting, absolute support while breaking, a tadpole style which ensures comfortable vehicle gait – all of these form important active safety systems in three-wheel electric vehicles. However, there are some safety systems that form an integral part of passenger safety in three-wheel electric vehicles, which, surprisingly, haven’t grabbed the eyeballs of inventors much. In the third of […]

Oracle v. Google – A Struggle between Copyright & Fair Use

Reading Time: 5 minutes Over the past few years leading up to the trial last week, and even during the trial, several journalists, technologists and IP experts have opined on this case and what’s at stake. The opinions ranged from claiming open source software to be dead to calling the American judicial system of ‘trial by jury’ as stupid. Sarah Jeong, who authored the […]