March, 2017

My Navigation Buddy is a Drone!

Reading Time: 5 minutes There’s a lot that’s being discussed about the coming days of autonomous vehicles. And there’s a lot that’s also being discussed about drone technology and the challenges to aviation security. But what happens when these two forthcoming major technologies decide to join hands? That’s a tech marriage that many major companies are working on. One of the… (Featured image source: *** […]

From Addiction to Wonder Drug, Will Opioids Win this Battle?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Pain treatment is a subject that has garnered ample attention from the medical fraternity since the days of recorded medical history. From the times of Sushruta till the era of IoT, treating pain in its various formats has kept researchers’ interest alive. Opium in its natural and synthetic forms has been used in the past to… (Featured image source: *** […]

Apple’s Sensor Fillip to Headphone-Speaker Flip

Reading Time: 3 minutes Headphones that switch to speakers and back is no big deal. Several manufacturers around the world own a product or two of this sort. But Apple knows just how to do it the classy way. For one, you don’t really need a button to switch between speaker and headphone modes. Instead, flip the ear cups of the… (Featured image source: *** […]

Marvel Hero Powers come to Life

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s been 78 years since Marvel Comics started publishing comics for kids as Timely Publications. But it was the reinvention in 1961 that brought forth timeless superheroes like Spider Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Wolverine, Batman, Doctor Strange and many more With this reinvention of comic characters, Marvel opened up a marvelous world of super… (Featured image source: *** […]

Japan Leads H.264 Video Coding Revolution

Reading Time: 5 minutes Continued from H.264 – The leading video coding standard Since the first version of H.264 standard was released in 2003, a large number of H.264 essential patents have already been disclosed to the JVT and to MPEG LA by parties… Featured image has been sourced from & The two images have been edited & modified to suit the requirement. *** […]

Finding Prior Art in the Most Unusual Places

Reading Time: 5 minutes Searching perfect prior art for a patent is an art. A prior art that can invalidate an issued patent or render a patent application not novel is what every prior art searcher aims to find. Searching for prior art not only requires knowledge of the claimed technology but also… Featured image is for representation purpose only. (Featured image source:’Enfer.jpg) *** […]