October, 2018

Semiconductor Process/Device Structure Inventions – to patent or to keep it a trade secret?

Semiconductor patents, especially those related to process or device structure technology, are not easy to enforce or monetize. Does this mean companies will be better of terming such inventions as trade secrets? Patents, by nature, are in the public domain, though they can be legally enforced against infringing products usually over its lifespan of 20 years. Trade secrets, as the […]

Exploring proxemics for Human-Drone Interaction

The development of drone-based technology and solutions has witnessed an increase over the past few years. The impact of drone technology can be seen in areas such as defense, disaster control, entertainment, product delivery, agriculture, photography, weather forecasting and many more. According to the World Intellectual Property Office, the patent filings for drone technology in 2016-2017 witnessed a new high […]