November, 2018

Housing Industry set to Turn Turtle

Reading Time: 4 minutes Imagine shifting to some place not just with your luggage, but your entire house. Well, actually, it would rather mean shifting your house in whole rather than just moving from one house to another. Doesn’t that sound quixotic? A UK-based company has developed a technology… (Featured image is intended for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from *** […]

Growing confidence in Template-free CRISPR-induced gene editing

Reading Time: 4 minutes Genes possess the natural mechanism to repair a broken DNA sequence. However, this repair was conventionally believed to be unpredictable, erroneous and random. Traditionally, gene editing techniques were aimed at replacing a segment of the genetic sequence with a template sequence to achieve the desired genetic modification… (Featured image is for representative purpose only and has been sourced from *** […]