February, 2019

5G: Charioteer for Connected Cars

Reading Time: 2 minutes The connected car has turned into a definitive IoT driver through vehicle-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-framework (V2X) correspondences. Connected cars interface with various vehicles gaining ground toward exchanging data, preparing drivers for potential crashes and bottlenecks. Connected car utilize gigantic proportions of data. It is said that in just an hour, connected cars in a network exchange double digit GBs of […]

Blockchain: A tunnel to WEB 3.0

Reading Time: 2 minutes The World Wide Web also called the WWW and the Web 1.0, was launched back in August 1991. It was a collection of static web-pages with a heap of data and information but had no user-interactive content. Technology evolution introduced Web 2.0 in 1999 developed by Darcy DiNucci. Web 2.0 wasn’t tied in with watching information any longer, but it […]

Future of Mobile Phone Cases

Reading Time: 4 minutes Mobile phone covers are no more the fancy dressing they used to be. These are now ubiquitous objects that are subject to thorough R&D to improve their features such as safety and durability, especially if they can protect the phone during a fall. From safety to make utility easier for the user, mobile cases are playing an important part. The […]

Most Iconic Patent Judgments of 2018

Reading Time: 3 minutes 2018 witnessed some of the most impactful IP moments that changed the patent landscape of the United States of America. In this blog post, I discuss the most iconic IP judgments which will shape the future of our perspective of patent litigation. Berkheimer v. HP Inc. On February 8, 2018, in a landmark judgement for Berkheimer vs. HP Inc., the […]