March, 2019

Hyperloop through vacuum at the speed of an airplane on Earth

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hyperloop is one of the most ambitious transportation systems of the future where a capsule carries passenger inside a vacuum tube along a magnetic levitated track. With air friction and surface friction negated in this transportation system, the hyperloop is likely to become the most efficient mode of transportation we can envision in the near future. How does a Hyperloop […]

Bits of Quantum Computing

Reading Time: 4 minutes In 1971, Intel introduced the first 4-bit microprocessor which composed of 2,300 transistors which solved the problem of computers being available commercially. The 1980s bought exponential advancement in microprocessors which made computers available for the public and led to the start of many powerful companies such as Apple, Microsoft, etc. Now, we have computers in the garb of smartphones and […]

CIMON: World’s first AI robot in Space

Reading Time: 4 minutes When a character from science fiction comes to life, it shows how human beings have come so far as a civilization. Prof. Simon Wright, a flying human brain, is a character from the 1940s pulp magazine Captain Future which formed the basis of the free flying AI… Featured image is for representative purpose only and has been sourced from *** […]

A marriage of the human brain & computer

Reading Time: 3 minutes For over a thousand years, human brains have remained the same – same as that of a cave person. But the world around us has completely changed. In recent times, we have begun changing our brain with technology. I don’t mean it to metamorphose, but… Featured image is intended for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from *** […]

Simple Sensors that bid you Safe Travel

Reading Time: 3 minutes With increasing dependence on cars in our day to day life, it becomes quite vital to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers. In a move towards this safety, automobile manufacturers have shifted their focus to secure their product (read vehicles) with multiple features that can… Featured image is for representative purpose only and has been sourced from *** […]