April, 2019

Mathematics can reduce crowd deaths

Reading Time: 3 minutes Stampedes and claustrophobia in crowded places leading to injuries and deaths has become quite the norm over the years. Be it a musical concert or a religious gathering, a sports event or a shopping fest, or even a local train, overly crowded places are quite popular for the disasters that come packaged with it. In a fervent bid to prevent […]

Blockchain is the Locker to your Medical Record Safety

Reading Time: 3 minutes When it comes to medical records, right from a baby to an adult, and even our pets, we end up reserving a big fat file with past prescriptions and diagnosis. For those who consistently visit a specific multispecialty hospital, there is an even more detailed history available within the hospital’s internal cloud. But what if a patient ends up visiting […]

Heuristic Attack on Ransomware to Protect Your Business

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you are running or heading a business, then these are questions you would have asked yourself often: Is my data protection fast enough to win the business race?Is the business driving with the control needed to win the data protection race?Can I dodge ransomware obstacles at the speed of business growth Ransomware in 2017 2017 has probably gained popularity […]