4G/LTE Set to Usher in a New Wave of Litigation & Licensing

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SMEs, Research Institutes poised to assert 4G/LTE patent rights.

4G/LTE technology continues to become more commonplace in the mobile technology market, which is likely to prompt a host of existing patent holders to assert their rights, thus creating an explosion of new litigation and licensing. At present, at least half the seminal patents in this domain are held by the top 10 industry players. But it is those small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and non-practicing entities (NPEs) that hold the other half of seminal patents in the 4G/LTE space that grabs industry attention. These companies stand to benefit significantly by exercising their intellectual property rights and it is likely that the industry will see hundreds of new patent lawsuits and licensing agreements.

With much activity happening in this arena, especially with Apple being in the midst of a litigation storm, iRunway decided to get a deeper insight into the existing landscape of 4G patent holdings. While the findings pointed to Samsung and Interdigital as the top players among industry heavyweights, some interesting pointers did pop up with regard to research institutions in the USA and Asia. iRunway’s 4G/LTE research report found these smaller players actively monetizing their 4G holdings – a wave that will soon grow stronger.

With the Apple-Motorola high-stake patent war grabbing media attention by the collar, The New York Times found iRunway’s 4G/LTE research report providing a deeper insight into why billions of dollars are being pumped in to strengthen patent arsenals in this space. Quoting iRunway’s 4G/LTE report, Network World, a technology magazine, states that LTE service has been spreading its tentacles far and wide in the United States in the last two years, and predicts that by end 2013 at least the top four carriers, namely Verizon, AT&T, Samsung and Qualcomm, will be set to offer 4G services on a larger platter.

(Featured image: iRunway Inc.)

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