Deepak Sirwani

Deepak Sirwani
Deepak knows the art of monetizing patents and he showcases their value to the world. And if there is a patented technology that can change the world dramatically, you’ll find a mention in his blogs.

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Sky is the limit for a Selfie

Going are the days of selfies on earth. People on earth (muggles that they are?!) may simply erase their boredom of clicking pictures of themselves on their smartphones against monotonous backgrounds of natural landscapes, hotels, beaches, etc. on earth. And why wouldn’t they when all they need to do is shell out is just $500 or Rs. 50,000! You read […]

Time Travel Without Jet Lag

When Boeing introduced its commercial 767 Dreamliner, passengers on long haul flights could observe a marked reduction in fatigue and jet lag. The credit goes to the aircraft’s big windows that reduce motion sickness and the LED lighting that stimulates sunrise and sunset across time zones to ease jet lag effects. Working on more advanced features, UK-based Centre for Process […]

Wherever You Go, Your TV Follows

From convex to flat to concave television screens; from just two to three telecasts a week to a multitude of 24/7 channels, television viewing has come a long way since its inception. Gone are the days when people crowded around the idiot box to listen to the news in pin drop silence or enjoy weekend movie telecasts. Today, the television […]

Have Great IP? The Big Fish Will Pay You a Fortune

Ever since the 1990s, mergers and acquisitions (more commonly called M&As) have been on a roll. Be it boom time or bust, M&As have always been at the helm of business affairs. And an interesting aspect of this business activity is that a majority of M&As were based entirely on the acquirer’s desire to obtain the target’s intellectual property assets. […]