Pranav Sharma

Pranav Sharma
Pranav is an absolute patent geek who enjoys toying with numbers and off-beat topics in his blogs. A fan of Sir Alex Ferguson’s managerial prowess, his blogs reflect on tech concerns and offer probable solutions.

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Forget 3D; the Fourth Dimension is Catching Up

Such is the astounding capability and utility of 3D printing that not so long ago 3D printing was used to print a human kidney using actual cells as ink! 3D printing is commercially affordable, revolutionary and appears to be pushing the envelope in technology advancement. However, for those who think 3D printing, as it exists, is here to stay for […]

‘3D Viewing’ – The Evolution and the Path Ahead

Stereoscopy, often interchangeably used and associated with 3D viewing, is a technique used to enable a three-dimensional effect, adding an illusion of depth to a flat image and facilitating 3-D viewing. Human vision (including the perception of depth) is a complex process that begins right from the point when light emanating or reflecting from any object enters the human eye.  Following […]

DNA Computing: An Answer to Fuzzy Logic

DNA computing is a form of  computing which uses DNA, biochemistry and molecular biology. A DNA computer has the same basic ability to store information and compute solutions like traditional computers, though its methodology is different as it uses molecular automations and reactions. For example, a DNA computer maybe envisaged as a tiny liquid-based computer comprising DNA in solution. The solution hence uses micro-biology and chemical reactions to compute […]