Prerna Kakkar

A champion swimmer, Prerna's blogs reflect a sporty style. She is fascinated by new technologies and she showcases her analyses on patented technologies in interesting ways.

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IBM Growls at Twitter

IBM, which once dominated the technology development space in the 1970s and 80s, now seems to be lagging behind as more of a technology services company. Despite having lost out on its once major market share, it still is the strongest and smartest technology giant. It has reinforced its numero uno position with its recent infringement claims against Twitter and […]

Apple Set to Improvize Again!

The story of the race between the rabbit and the tortoise has been told and heard time and again. We all remember the moral by heart – “slow and steady wins the race”. And yet, we often fail to implement it in real life!In this constant chase and follow race of technology giants, this basic rule is repeatedly forgotten. Apple […]

Let’s Split Fair

“I didn’t eat that much, yet I had to cough up money even for the gluttons!” A self-chiding voice that you resent to hear every time you head to the restaurant with a group? Chide yourself no more for the big brain of the internet, Google, has filed a patent application with a design to solve your woes. Filed in […]

Nokia Looks Back in Time

Patent wars between telecom giants Nokia and HTC refuse to die down, as recent developments in the case only hint at a long battle ahead. The dispute between the otherwise amicable parties started in May 2012 after Nokia filed an infringement case against HTC over nine key patents. This law suit springs a surprise as Nokia and HTC have been […]

Call Put On Hold? Apple May Make it an Interesting Wait

The week gone by was a rather fertile one for Apple, with the California based electronics device developer earning grants on several of its patents. One particular patent that caught my attention was this interesting advanced call waiting feature which will replace the existing monotonous display message with more customized data. Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 8,412,164 for a “communications system […]

Apple Forays into Wearable Technology with Planned iWatch

When pocket watches were first invented in the 17th century, little could the makers have imagined that this time keeping mechanism would evolve into a timeless piece of beauty and utility! With Apple heavily investing in developing its most unique and hyped product – which could possibly be named the “iWatch” – time tracking is only going to get smarter. (Read: Smartphones, Watch […]

Podcasters Face the Patent Challenge

This could be the dawn of another war which has an NPE throwing shards of infringement charges at podcasters, again turning the spotlight on the much-deliberated topic of whether the USPTO is issuing patents to “Delphian concepts”!? Personal Audio, an NPE in the audio system domain has been sending out threat letters to several podcasters. Expert opinion suggests that attacking […]