Priyabrata Barman

Priyabrata Barman
Priyabrata's quest to understand the secret of life has fuelled his passion to explore. A new gadget freak and a diehard technocrat, he enjoys decoding every possible technology that the industry codes.

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NASA to take Nissan’s auto car to Mars

Nissan’s zero-emission autonomous car is all set to be shipped to Mars. You read that right. By the end of 2015, Nasa plans to test an autonomous car by Nissan (prototypes of the Nissan Leaf?!) at its Ames Research Center. Researchers from Nasa and Nissan will test a fleet of zero-emission autonomous vehicles that can be used to transport materials, goods, […]

Hybrid makes a Century

It’s a hundred! Well, we are not talking about cricket, but a century since the first hybrid car patent application. It is true that fuel prices have dropped from the high that it hit in 2012. Industry figures show a spurt in hybrid car purchases post 2012 following the mammoth rise in fuel costs. Despite a drop in rates per […]

Patentees Drive to Make the Virtual Real

Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality technology has begun revolutionizing industries. Yet, it is still in its nascent stage of growth with much left to discover. In the final of our five-part blog series on virtual reality technology, we showcase the patent landscape and the role of intellectual property in developing this tech domain. Virtual Reality in Gaming – U.S. Patent […]

A Digital Universe for Cyberia

VR technology has in a very short span grown into a strong human-computer interface. It has treaded the paths of medicine, entertainment, education, military and e-commerce to step into the extremely complex and enticing industry of manufacturing. In the fourth of our five-part series on Virtual Reality technology, our bloggers take you through a liberating experience of augmented reality, haptic […]

The Future of Immersive Training

From defending nations to fending away diseases and making learning interactive, virtual reality technology has been offering impressive training tools to the defense, healthcare and education industries. Working in simulated environments has been helping these professionals improvise and strategize better in a real-life situation. In the third of our five part series on augmented reality our bloggers take you on […]

Redefining Retail Experience Virtually

Gone are the days when people jostled for seats in the front rows of sports stadiums. Gone are also those days when shoppers carried a bundle of clothes into trial rooms of garment stores to find the best fit. Today, virtual reality technology has brought the stadium to the sports fan, permanently deleting the signboard of ‘Sold Out’. In the […]

Virtually Real or Really Virtual?

Gone are the days of simple joysticks and gaming consoles. Today, 3D multimedia is travelling the real way trying to offer an absolutely immersive experience. In the first of our five-part series on virtual reality, we take you through the world of entertainment and how virtual reality is giving users a complete haptic experience. Hobbies form a major part of […]

Build in Style, Keep it Safe

In the second of our two-part series on the construction industry, we showcase the top five patents and patent-pending buildings and their unique designs that make them stand apart. Crystal marvels If you thought Apple only patented its technology, then here’s food for thought. Apple has at least two patented architectural splendours to its credit – the Apple Store in […]

It’s Time to Strengthen Architectural Marvels, Intellectually

The Taj Mahal is a breathtaking architectural splendour. One look at its poor imitation in Aurangabad, the Bibi Ka Maqbara, catapults the beauty of the Taj to greater heights. This is pretty much the same story every time you look at imitations of popular buildings such as the Malaysian Towers or the Tian’anmen Rostrum. In an age when inventors have […]

Music Dynasties Build Unbreachable Forts

In the final blog of our five-part series on the music industry, our bloggers showcase the top trademark infringement litigations that found companies fighting tooth and nail to protect their identity. Jabra under a new umbrella Imagine the day when you look up the availability of products that your company manufactures and the search engine pops up a website that […]