Rahul Vijh

Rahul Vijh
There is nothing permanent except change. And it’s that change that Rahul enjoys blogging about. Whether it is the latest change to patent law, or the biggest, newest, latest device on the market, Rahul is sure to be up to date with the story, the background and the future.

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AIA reforms: A boon or bane?

The America Invents Act (AIA) is geared to have its final set of amendments coming into force in 2013. With large multinationals poised to gain largely from the amendments, 2013 is going to be crucial fixing plugs and ensuring the smooth management of post-grant patent affairs. Despite the fact that the reforms to the AIA point towards offering an advantageous […]

Best Practices – Source Code Analysis in Patent Litigations

Software-Related Verdicts See Dramatic Increase in Damages Software patent cases appear to be among the fastest-growing type of litigation as industry players seek to establish a strong competitive position. Five out of the nine largest verdicts since 2006 have been in the software/ Internet domain with aggregated damages of $4.8 billion*. Evidence from source code is by far the most […]

‘New’ Joinder of Accused Infringers: Implications for NPEs?

Thursday, September 15, 2011, one day before the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (H.R. 1249) became a law, was a historic date in its own right. At least 54 new patent cases were filed across the district courts – accusing over 800 corporate entities of patent infringement. These numbers represent an all-time-high for a single day filing and are directly linked to […]

The America Invents Act: A Drill-down

The long awaited and the long debated Leahy-Smith America Invents Act is finally here and legal pundits are wasting no time in pointing out its merits and demerits. The act itself, passed by the U.S. Senate on September 8, 2011 with a landslide majority of 89-9 and more recently signed by President Obama, aims to initiate a long pending overhaul […]

3D Stacked ICs – The Next Dimension to Computing?

Consumer demand for high performance and low power microchips have been a major driving force behind the continued need for scaling of semiconductor devices. Today’s semiconductor chips face extreme pressure to achieve increased performance, while reducing their size and accommodating new functionalities. When the size of the transistors shrink, interconnect delay and power consumption affects performance adversely. In SoCs (System on […]

Nortel Auction & Smartphone Wars: Google Equalizes In Style!

There are several aspects of the recent Nortel Networks patent portfolio auction that have raised brows across the industry. First, the stalking horse tactics of Google, which in itself established how vital the portfolio was to the telecommunications industry. The Smartphone market, while past maturity in the developed world, has only started to realize its potential in the emerging economies. Second, […]

Non-Flash NVRAM: A Race to the Start

Flash memory has, since its birth at Toshiba in the 1980s, matured from camera devices and memory cards to virtually all handheld computing devices and enterprise electronics. Consumer demand has simultaneously pushed device capacities up to 256 GB of nonvolatile storage. But as demand for smaller form factors and even higher capacity increases, the electronics industry will soon exhaust the […]

Submarine Patents

Years ago, so-called submarine patents could torpedo good faith efforts of inventors and their companies. Such hidden patents came about because the USPTO dated a patent application – the application filing date – and approximately two years later the USPTO assigned the application a patent number – the issue date. The inventor had no rights from the date of filing […]

Patent Thickets: A Thorn in the Patent System?

When manufacturing a product in the semi-conductor or the pharmaceutical industry, a company may unintentionally infringe on a number of patents.  It often has to navigate its way through a dense thicket of patents of possibly hundreds of closely-related and overlapping patents.  To do so may require payment of royalties to a number of contributors to the technology. As a […]