Adieu Trial Rooms; Magic Mirrors are Here

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Is it not a challenge to try on a dozen clothes to find that perfect fit? Do you not at times feel frustrated trying on too many clothes and buying something just because you are too tired of the trials? Well, you can soon bid adieu to those trial rooms and the tonnes of garments that you lug inside.

Your shopping experience might just get better with the revolutionary technology of Magic Mirrors. The video below demonstrates MemoMi’s high-fidelity digital imaging software that allows a shopper to try on clothes virtually before making a purchase. The mirrors use cameras and sensors for tracking body movements of a shopper. Customers can try clothes, change colors and select accessories using nothing but hand gestures.

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In my earlier post on cashier-free retail stores I discussed Amazon’s drive towards making retail stores cashier-free. With the combination of these two technologies, think about the convenience you will experience when shopping with minimal employee interference. Let’s try and understand the IP that forms the backbone of MemoMi’s Magic Mirrors.

MemoMi’s mirror is an imaging-display station backed by two granted patents and seven pending published applications. Apart from acting as a mirror, the station comprises of an imaging device that captures images and records videos based on shopper’s actions, a storage unit to store video/image data and a controller unit that lets the shopper switch the mode of station between mirror and imaging device. The storage unit is further attached to a processor that extracts the color scheme from the shopper’s current appearance recorded in image stream from the camera. The processor also extracts the boundaries of the shopper’s body. Later, the processor modifies the color scheme of the image stream captured to generate a different view and appearance of the shopper and hence provides augmented reality.

However, this isn’t the only attempt at virtual clothing experience. There are several other IP assets that revolve around this technology. U.S. Patent 8359247 provides a shopper the capability to check alternate clothing options and send videos capturing the same to friends for feedback. Interestingly, Cisco Technolgies, Inc. and Palo Alto Research Center Inc. too have several patents and applications (such as US 8782565US 8068676, US 8332255 and US 20130182005) aiming to improve the virtual clothing experience.

The Magic Mirror from MemoMi has now already been put to test in a few stores of Neiman Marcus. It’s clear that retail stores are making the shopping experience more independent and less taxing for the shoppers. With several companies now active in this area it will be interesting to see how soon this results into an active area for IP licensing and acquisitions to get IP control.

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