AIA reforms: A boon or bane?

The America Invents Act (AIA) is geared to have its final set of amendments coming into force in 2013. With large multinationals poised to gain largely from the amendments, 2013 is going to be crucial fixing plugs and ensuring the smooth management of post-grant patent affairs. Despite the fact that the reforms to the AIA point towards offering an advantageous position to deep-pocketed multinational firms, they still have the potential to bring down costs and accelerate patent examination for Read more [...]
Rahul Vijh
Rahul Vijh

There is nothing permanent except change. And it’s that change that Rahul enjoys blogging about. Whether it is the latest change to patent law, or the biggest, newest, latest device on the market, Rahul is sure to be up to date with the story, the background and the future.

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