All Screen & No Button makes for a Smarter Phone

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In an era of increasing smartphone demand, companies are coming up with peculiar features to woo customers to increase their market share. The first quarter of 2016 found Samsung and Apple together owning almost half of the global market share of smartphone sales, and they sure would want to retain their top spot. A simple way to do that is to continually add unique features to their smartphones to outdo the smartness in competition.

For years, smart phone giants have been relying on features like 3D touch and curved touch screens. An exciting range of innovations over the years has pushed these companies into a spot where they need to regularly innovate in order to retain their top spot. And customers have always been kept on the anvil of “what’s next”.

One groundbreaking new feature is the all-screen smart phone, where no real estate is wasted to include a physical home button. Apple was an early proponent of this, with a solution described in its patent US9342674. It discloses an ultrasonic imaging technique promising to be more accurate than conventionally-used capacitive sensors. This negates the need of physical home buttons and offers you more screen space. How cool would that be?

Source: Apple Patent US 9342674

Source: Apple Patent US 9342674

With the launch of bezel-less device such as ZTE Nubia and ulefone Future, the smartphone giants such as Apple and Samsung are already on their toes to make a mark with their innovations.

While there are other challenges as well including a front-facing camera, but we can say that Apple’s invention brings back the hope that we are getting one step closer to witnessing something unique after a long wait. With the impending launch of iPhone 7 round the corner, speculations are even higher among smartphone enthusiasts. Will this usher in a truly bezel-free device?

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