An Uber Way to Make Cabs Safer

Cab safety is becoming a bone of contention for passengers and drivers alike. While stakeholders are looking at several ways to make travelling by taxi a safe experience, we showcase to you a couple of interesting patented technologies that, if implemented well, can help make taxi travel safer – both for passengers and drivers. In the first of our two-part series, we ride you through some interesting patented technologies that create a perfect grid between the passenger, cab service provider and Read more [...]
Abhimanyu Gupta
Abhimanyu Gupta

Decoding what the industry codes is Abhimanyu’s forte – an art that he takes to the football field and to happenings across the world. You can find the results of his decoding in his blogs.

Sarfraz Shariff
Sarfraz Shariff

Intrigued by the secrecy surrounding Douglas Adams’ universal number theory of Why 42, Sarfraz explores this and much more through his blogs.


  1. Uber has already an option of driver reviews. But if the other 2 patents are implemented they can make uber more safer. But same goes for ATM security as well. They have similar security features when you enter the PIN in reveres order it would notify the nearest police station but it never works in India.
    Technologically its feasibly but the way indian bureaucratize system works it may fail.

  2. Safety of passengers is the most worried subject for cab aggrigater. After boarding the cab, customer should share the map to his/her dearest with live update. If driver is violating the regular path, customer or the person to whom the map is shared can send panic message to the cab aggrigater.

  3. Uber is providing very affordable taxi service in all indi and also provides very professional drivers who can talk with foreign visitors easily and this removes communication gap for local and foreigners .Good work uber but several other taxi service provider are also doing good work.

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    Nowadays car service provider ensures a stress-free car rental experience by providing superior services that cater to our customer`s individual needs.

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