Apple Forays into Wearable Technology with Planned iWatch

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When pocket watches were first invented in the 17th century, little could the makers have imagined that this time keeping mechanism would evolve into a timeless piece of beauty and utility! With Apple heavily investing in developing its most unique and hyped product – which could possibly be named the iWatch – time tracking is only going to get smarter. (Read: Smartphones, Watch Out! Your Time Seems Up)

It looks like Apple has finally decided to expand its product line which until now has been restricted to music players, smartphones and computers. Plunging into the smart watch segment is only the most logical step forward in mobile computing. Even though Apple is ruling the smart phone market, it
is now planning to capture the wearable segment with its latest application of an invention on the anvil. While there are a few players in this segment, none of them have succeeded in living up to the expected hype. Considering Apple’s history of unbeaten product launches, it is only natural to expect Apple to break the jinx surrounding the success of this technology.

Apple describes the device as a “wearable accessory device [which] includes a flexible display coupled to a bi-stable spring. Coupling the display to the bi-stable spring allows the accessory device to be easily worn in a number of convenient locations”. In a recent interview, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc., hinted that the California-based company will be developing new categories in the near future. It seems quite apparent now that Apple is planning to venture into the smart watch segment, but the unanswered question remains: “WHEN”?


Apple has so far maintained some uniformity in all its portable devices; such as the access and transfer of information and change of display modes. As per the patent application, the iWatch is likely to use a similar operating system to communicate with other mobile devices, and information generated by one would be viewable on the other. Apple apostles are excited to experience this revolutionary curved display that is completely malleable and can be easily wrapped around the wrist. However, it is yet to be foreseen if this incredible device will be durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily wear such as sweat and water. Among others, device design, user interface, battery life and construction will be the biggest challenges that Apple will have to overcome.

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