Apple to Unveil Unbreakable Smartphones

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You read that right. Apple is inventing a technology that will make your smartphone smarter with a cat’s reflex. This means that you can soon bid adieu to protective cases and hopelessly broken display screens.

Giving the new class of glasses such as Corning Gorilla and other ion-strengthened variants a run for their money, Apple’s patent US20130257582 describes a technology that has been inspired by a cat’s fall. Future versions of Apple’s products such as the iPhone and iPad may be equipped with a drop sensor processor. This processor will sense the falling of a phone and send signals to a motor within it to alter the phone’s weight. The motor will increase the weight on a side away from the screen, tilting the product to fall safe. And all this happens in a matter of milliseconds before the phone can hit the ground.


Image source: Apple patent US20130257582

Now, that’s not the only solution this patent offers. Another method of protecting your phone’s screen during a freefall includes a drop sensor that will sight the fall. Rather than shifting the weight and guiding the side of the fall, it will use a thrust system that can either be of a canister of compressed air, a cooling fan, dedicated fan, a fuel cell, a turbine, or an electric ion propulsion system, to relatively lessen the speed of the fall to the level of minimal impact.

This is a first of its kind intrinsic approach to address the problems of smartphone display breakage. The patent tries to control and adjust the fall and flight, thereby minimizing damage to teh display screen.

Now the smartphone industry might have a two-way approach with regards to display and include the steps to prevent the damage and the problem. Combine Apple’s patented technology with scratch and damage-resistant glasses such as Corning Gorilla or ion-strengthened ones, and you have a perfectly strong smartphone in your hand.

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