Apple Vs. Samsung – Is it the End?

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The four-year raging patent battle between Apple and Samsung seems to be calming down at a very quick pace. Besides closing all non-legal cases in the US, the rivals have foreclosed all their battles in eight other countries including South Korea, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, UK and Australia. The only two battles remaining are being waged in California where, until now, Apple has been awarded favorable jury verdicts of $929.7 million and $120 million, while Samsung earned a comparatively minor settlement of $158,400 for its infringement claims.

But does this sudden closure of all battles point towards Apple reconsidering the value of the design of an electronic gadget made of plastic and a few computer chips with some software codes? For one, this could be a strong possibility especially after a jury verdict dissed Apple’s plea to ban Samsung from selling its infringing products in the US market stating that the California-based company wouldn’t suffer “irreparable harm” or get its “innovative tag” maligned by Samsung’s products. This verdict rings the bells of truth when a market survey shows that Samsung’s range of allegedly infringing Admire, Galaxy and Stratosphere products have been overshadowed by Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that have recorded new highs in mobile handset sales in the US. As a result, Samsung has begun witnessing a drop in its market share not just in the US but in India and China as well over the last quarter. Statistics state that the Korean company witnessed a 7.4% drop in its market share between April and June.

Now, Apple is not the only reason for Samsung’s poor performance. A growing demand for low-end Smartphones has found brands such as Micromax and Xiaomi penetrating the market with ease, offering nearly everything that Samsung offers at a much lesser price. This goes to show that it’s time for Samsung to reinvent itself.

In a way, the ceasefire over its battle with Apple can plug the financial drain of Samsung, what with the company having spent billions of dollars, both as settlement and legal fee.


With the peace flag raised, the two telecom giants have had ample to lose and little to win in comparison. However, this landmark war has definitely catapulted the importance of IP and the dire need to protect R&D activities of masterminds.

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Jainendra Sinha
Jainendra Sinha

When he isn’t shredding eating joints with his critical views, Jainendra enjoys analyzing patented technologies in his blogs.

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