Are We Looking at Ceasefire in Europe?

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For those of us itching for war updates between Samsung and Apple, this could come as a sigh. The Korean firm, which is riding huge fines for allegedly abusing the patent battle system in Europe, has decided to play peacemaker for five years over all SEPs (standard essential patents).

Raising the olive branch, Samsung has agreed to refrain from seeking injunctions on mobile SEPs for five years. But that is a promise it plans to keep on the condition that the opponent company agrees to a particular license framework.

Looking back, we find that most of Samsung’s allegations of patent infringement have been for the use of SEPs, with its prime rival being Apple. However, the European Commission found that such injunctions were only stifling competition, which is a very unhealthy sign of growth. As a result of these battles of the giants, consumers were found suffering with technology. Facing grave looks from the European Commission and its anti-trust rules that had Samsung facing a possible fine of $18.3 billion, the Korean mobile maker did a quick self-check and proposed ceasefire.

Samsung has not only agreed to practice a five-year tolerance period, but has also proposed one year’s negotiation time for companies that are keen to use its SEPs.

Will Apple swallow this bite of peace?

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