iPhone X & its OLED – Going Behind the Screen

Reading Time: 6 minutes Apple’s iPhone X is a first in many aspects of iPhones. But it’s the introduction of an OLED display that brings it into a stronger competitive sphere with Samsung’s AMOLED displays. iRunway’s comprehensive teardown of the iPhone X, with a focus on its OLED display, tells you why the iPhone X is a ruler. In another first, iPhone X has […]

Court ‘Likes’ Van Der Meer, Calls FB to Face Jury

Reading Time: 2 minutes For an entire year, when people were busy sharing, befriending and glorifying their emotions on Facebook, the social media company was busy trying to keep a patent lawsuit at bay. An earlier iRunway blog wondered the “Like” button on Facebook was in peril. But now, it’s clear that it’s not just the “Like” button, but the “Share” and other features […]

Wronged Patentees Find a Friend in Australian Courts

Reading Time: 1 minute Patent stakeholders, check out. Australia is soon becoming a favored destination for innovators seeking interlocutory injunctions. Australian courts take an average of 18 months to decide on a patent infringement claim, during which period, it found, competitors were marketing their products and causing much harm to patentees. In an effort to protect the rights of patent holders during this period […]

Green Tech Inventions Record Staggering Growth in 2013

Reading Time: 3 minutes The last few years have witnessed an increased interest in striking that perfect relationship between environmental sustainability and intellectual property. Such has been the advancement towards creating newer technology on “green pastures” that many companies have begun regarding a certain percentage of their patent portfolio as “green”. More so, several patent offices across the globe are also encouraging environment-friendly innovations […]

Pharma Cos Vs. The Common Man: Whom Will the TPP Pact Choose?

Reading Time: 2 minutes It was only recently that the world hailed India’s decision against granting a cancer drug patent to medico giant Novartis, ensuring that cost-effective medication is available to the masses. Following suit, several nations have shammed some portions of the trade agreement IPR text mentioned in the Trans-Pacific agreement, says a new Wikileaks report. Now, can patenting be a bane is […]

Samsung Wagers on Damages to Apple

Reading Time: 1 minute The patent war between Apple and Samsung can put an Indo-Pak cricket match to shame. This week is going to be another interesting period for those closely following the patent battle between the two telecom giants. The giants have kickstarted their second round of wringing necks in a California court – a trial which is expected to determine the final […]

Wanna Communicate Clearly? Get a Tattoo

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’re a gadget freak and have plans to tattoo yourself, keep your art work away from your throat. Motorola may soon give you a throat tattoo! Wondering if you’re reading right and why Motorola started tattooing? Well, this is what the American telecom multinational is up to. Alberth JR and William P of Motorola Mobility Inc. have filed a […]

When Inventions Get Crazy

Reading Time: 2 minutes We all love to invent – a new method to train the pet, a new dish, a new dream. Well… but how many times have we thought of patenting them? Well, there sure are a few people across the world who love to invent – what we could call crazy stuff – and have gone all out to patent their […]

Are We Looking at Ceasefire in Europe?

Reading Time: 1 minute For those of us itching for war updates between Samsung and Apple, this could come as a sigh. The Korean firm, which is riding huge fines for allegedly abusing the patent battle system in Europe, has decided to play peacemaker for five years over all SEPs (standard essential patents). Raising the olive branch, Samsung has agreed to refrain from seeking […]

IBM on Cloud Nine

Reading Time: 1 minute This could be an upstart for much faster bandwidth and better web and app experience for tech-lovers across the globe. And of course a reason to smile for e-tailers who face bandwidth issues and customer woes during their peak seasons. The USPTO has awarded IBM a patent grant for its method that is expected to drastically improve network bandwidth in […]

Hey Baby! I Can See You Futuristically

Reading Time: 2 minutes Blue eyes, golden brown hair, tall, athletic, dimpled chin – well… this is no description of a romantic lead, but traits that one can visualize in their kids even before they are conceived! Surprised? Well, creating designer babies is quite a possibility, especially since California-based personal genomics and biotech company 23andMe was granted its patent that allows parents-to-be a possibility […]

Nokia Patents Grant Luminous Asha to Microsoft

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s a marriage between two giants. The dowry is the ammo that could result in a mammoth smartphone patent war pretty soon. Yes, we are talking about the hot tech news for today – the Nokia-Microsoft $7.2 billion deal. With absolute access to one of the largest telecom patent portfolios in the world, Microsoft may seem all geared up for […]

Oracle Set to Better Garbage Collection

Reading Time: 1 minute Garbage collection is all set to get better with Oracle. Wondering how? Well, the California based tech innovator has filed patent applications with the USPTO to protect its technology that shall help collect unused or dead memory and clean up software clutter! Oracle’s patent application reveals its plans to upgrade software systems with a dead memory retrieval technology and automated […]

Are IPRs Hindering Knowledge Transfer of Green Technologies?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Significant climatic changes seem to be bogging the entire world. If global warming took the centre stage in climatic worries until the last decade, droughts, storms and tsunamis are taking meteorologists by surprise now. In order to address these changes, inventors have been coming up with innovative patterns of power productions and consumption. Back in 2010, the United Nations Framework […]

Teen Whizzes Power Tech Innovations

Reading Time: 2 minutes The sensation is running high with Yahoo! doling out nothing short of $30 million to fatten the piggy bank of a teen British-Australian tech inventor to purchase his invention. Nick D’ Aloisio has hit the front page of nearly every leading newspaper in the world for selling his app “Summly” to the multinational internet corporation. Besides wearing the hat of […]