The Interstellar that NASA Knew?

Time and again we’ve seen science fiction inspire inventions, from Bat gadgets to Virtual reality in the Matrix and Jonny Quest series. However, let’s see if the opposite is also true? The Cooper Station that we see at the end of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, Interstellar, tolls us back to how probably the Noah’s ark looked. Replete with a baseball court, hospitals, houses and practically everything that you can think of as required to sustain human life in all glory, Cooper Station Read more [...]
Ashish Gupta
Ashish Gupta

In pursuit of happiness and a random generalizer, Ashish tracks the world of technology with a microscope. Tweets from technocrats and updates from tech giants barely miss his eye.


  1. Terrific article. It seems that Chris Nolan and team looked up the patent while designing the Cooper station.

  2. I am guilty of not watching Interstellar yet — something which I am determined to set right this weekend. The article brilliantly explores imagination and inspiration, without movie-spoilers and that worked in my favor 🙂 given that I could not resist the inertia of motion the article set me in with its ‘interestingness’ . Cheers!

  3. Excellent article Ashish. I loved the simplicity with which you have shared ideas on a complex topic. Definitely a commendable effort. Cheers!

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