Love to Innovate? Trikes Need Ideas

Reading Time: 4 minutes Perfect stability while tilting, absolute support while breaking, a tadpole style which ensures comfortable vehicle gait – all of these form important active safety systems in three-wheel electric vehicles. However, there are some safety systems that form an integral part of passenger safety in three-wheel electric vehicles, which, surprisingly, haven’t grabbed the eyeballs of inventors much. In the third of […]

No more Accidents when you Tilt

Reading Time: 4 minutes When Toyota put up its i-Road for testing in 2014, it was more as an answer to urban road traffic gridlock. Sized as large as the larger fleet of motorbikes, it has seats for two people like any conventional bike – just that the entire seating was enclosed in a cockpit. With absolute competition driving in through Piaggio’s MP3 and […]

Tilt Like a Pro in these Electric Tadpoles

Reading Time: 4 minutes Rising fuel costs and depleting natural fuel resources is driving the concept of electric vehicles as a cleaner transportation alternative. While the world is still steeped in its car culture, it is slowly beginning to embrace the coming age of electric vehicles. In fact, there is an increasing interest in smaller, but efficient and highly comfortable electric vehicles, which is […]

Swap Batteries and Zoom Away in an E-Scooter

Reading Time: 3 minutes What do you do when the battery in your e-bike drains out? Well, simply swap it with a new one at a gas station and zoom away! In the last two blogs of this series, this blogger discussed how e-bikes are poised to change the future of urban mobility, with smart wheels that make riding easier. Alongside come smart e-scooters too […]

Future-Smart Wheels Power Up E-Bikes

Reading Time: 2 minutes E-bikes employ a whole range of cool technologies that are paving the way for future urban mobility. Considering the quick pace at which cities are growing today, efficient e-bikes are going to change the future of urban travel. In the second of a three-part series, this blogger takes you through interesting technologies that are set to become an integral aspect […]

E-bikes are the Future of Urban Mobility

Reading Time: 3 minutes E-bikes are charting the future of urban mobility. With cities growing at a dramatic pace the world over, it is but obvious that urban commute needs an absolute revamp with a double whammy – healthy lifestyle and easy travel. In a three-part series, this blogger takes you through the e-bike giant and interesting technologies driving this future vehicle. Cities are […]

Relax, Your Car Can Think & Drive

Reading Time: 3 minutes The grand South by Southwest Festival 2015 is set to get all the more glamorous this year with a special attendee! This attendee will drive 3,500 miles across the U.S. starting from San Francisco – unattended at that – to reach the venue. Hello everyone at the festival. Please put your hands together for the driverless Audi Q5! Come March […]

Tick, Tock… Click… Unlock your Car

Reading Time: 3 minutes Gone are the days when you had to insert a key to unlock a car’s doors. Most modern day models come with a remote locking system that can lock and unlock all doors at once with the press of a button. Some luxury makers even allow windows to close and open using a key fob. However, with the level of […]