The impending user interface is Brain Controlled

Even before touchscreens became a household necessity, we used to operate our computers and phones using keypads. Input methods for computing devices changed from primitive keypads to sophisticated touchscreens. But, now, even these seem to take a backseat to make room for new methods. Companies are now working towards hacking the human mind and using the brain data to perform […]

Cloning: Breakthrough technology in Genetic Engineering

From frogs to sheep and probably even ourselves, humans can clone just about anything. The prospect of cloning humans is highly controversial, and it raises a number of ethical, legal, and social challenges that need to be considered. But, the question is can cloning increase the survival rate of mankind? 20 years ago, Scottish researchers cloned the first mammal, Dolly […]

Eat Water Bubbles to Quench your Thirst

You might have slurped water. You might have gulped it. And you definitely will have sipped it. But have you ever eaten it? In an effort to bid adieu to the use of plastic bottles and glasses used for water and other juices, Skipping Rocks Lab, a sustainable… (Featured image is for representational purpose and has been sourced from *** […]

Biobots – Revolutionizing Robotics

Robots are no more just wires and metal. Living cells are making their way into creating biohybrid robots. A research team from Georgia Institute of Technology led by Steve Potter has been experimenting with a combination of neuron cells from a rodent and a robotic body to…  (Featured image is intended for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from *** […]

Forget the Cloud, Store Photos & Videos in Bacteria

Exploring new horizons of CRISPR application, researchers at Harvard Medical School successfully stored a short video in the DNA of bacteria and later retrieved it successfully. It is the first time a video has been recorded in living cells. In 2016, a team at the Wyss Institute… (Featured image is for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from *** […]

US, China Active Incubators for CRISPR Technologies

CRISPR, the gene editing technique that became popular world over in 2012, is drawing the attention of researchers. This technique of genetic engineering offers revolutionary prospects encouraging researchers to improvise, develop and tame these breakthrough molecular scissors. Amid the high stake patent battle between University of… (Featured image is for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from *** […]

Artificial Spider Silk Could Revolutionize Clothing & Warfare Apparel

We have built supersonic missiles that fly faster than the speed of sound and travelled all the way to the moon; yet the silken threads created by tiny house spiders to catch their prey remains an astonishing marvel of nature’s engineering. As thin as it seems, a spider web can absorb large amount of energy… (Featured image source: *** […]

Sterile Salmon on your Plate, and You Wouldn’t Know

Biotechnology is going heads-on into unexplored waters. After bioluminescent plants, there’s another surprise in store for the common man. The US Food and Drug Administration, popular as FDA, recently approved a genetically engineered salmon that grows twice as fast as its natural counterparts on 25 per cent lesser food, and is sterile. The brainchild of AquaBounty, the AquaAdvantage project involves […]

Glowing Plants may Replace Streetlights

Night snorkeling in Thailand’s Krabi is a great hit among tourists who throng the beach at sundown to enjoy the light emitting waters. In the face of a growing energy crisis, scientists are looking for an immediate quick fix with bioluminescent plants that can replace light bulbs. San Francisco-based technology entrepreneur Antony Evans, and biochemist Omri Amirav-Drory have joined hands […]