Drones Hitch Rides, Scream & Relax

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Anatole France, a famous French poet once said, “The future is hidden even from those who make it”. Nothing could be more perfectly stated for the essence of this blog post. Did you know that the first unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV as we know it, was flown in 1849 by Austrians to attack the Italian city of Venice in […]

Tesla’s Solar Roof: Tech Innovation, Investment Bait or Media Hype?

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The Universal Studio on October 31st witnessed Tesla’s dream of powering the world through sustainable energy taking a step ahead with the unveiling of a solar roof. CEO Elon Musk introduced to the world how Tesla has been planning to harvest solar energy. If the traditional roof top solar panels come to your mind when I say solar roof, you […]

Smart Contact Lens & Smartphones join hands for Future Tech

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Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and electronics is playing a vital role. Electronics is in fact becoming ubiquitous in every walk of life. In the last two decades, the impact of electronics on industrial and consumer applications has been so enormous that it has taken the world to a different level altogether. After transforming regular phones to Smart […]

FPGA: Your Hypercomputer Password

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The Cisco Global Cloud Index has predicted a three-fold increase in data center traffic by 2019. In addition, the world is likely to witness processing of about 86% of workload at cloud data centers, while the remaining 14% will be processed at traditional data centers. The ever increasing demand from individuals and enterprises has evolved the need of hyperscale infrastructure. […]

Feel Music Course Through Your Veins

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It looks like a backpack but it’s a woofer. You wear it on your back and feel the magic of music course through your veins. This is nothing out of a sci-fi feature but a musical backpack designed and created by Canadian company SubPac. SubPac has created a tactile audio technology that transfers low frequencies of music being played into […]

Walmart’s Shopping Carts Drive Themselves

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Supermarket shopping is convenient. But there’s a tad unpleasantness that creeps in when we need to snake through the alleys, looking up and down, left and right for our desired products. Worse, it gets all the more cumbersome walking with that bulky metal shopping cart, twisting and turning it along those narrow pathways, meandering through a crowded shopping floor. Walmart’s […]

Customize Your Hearing with Amazon’s Headphones

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Headphones have become an integral part of our everyday communication modes, evolving dramatically from long wired beings to compact Bluetooth-enabled ear clip-ons. While it’s physical attributes are still undergoing a metamorphosis, there’s a deeper research activity occurring to power headsets and offer an absolutely noise-free experience. Researchers initially dabbled with passive noise cancellation technology by employing a special material or […]

Slimy, Squishy, Slithery Robots

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Gone are the days when robots used to be huge monstrous machines aka Transformers style. Robots of the size of a fly astonished the world but still retained their machine-like appearance and behavior. The typical metallic or plastic robots failed to mimic the flexibility and agility of a living system. No matter what robots could do to ease human life, […]

Raising the Bar of Touch Screen Tech

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Touch screens are the order of the day. From phones to tabs, and now even laptop screens, touch screens have made tech navigation a lot easier from the days of the mouse. In an effort to convert conventional laptop screens into a touch-sensible one, Swedish company Neonode has developed a bar that can convert any screen into an optic touch-sensitive […]