Patent Wars

Redefining Eligibility for Business Method Patents in the US

Reading Time: 2 minutes For those familiar with the patenting of business methods, they know the key role that the case of State Street & Trust Co. v. Signature Financial Group played in deeming certain business methods patent ineligible. This litigation was heard by the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) where State Street & Trust… (Featured image source: *** […]

The Great Indian Reluctance to Patent

Reading Time: 5 minutes The patent system has historically been portrayed by its proponents as neutral and devoid of any moral or ethical values. However, over the years, the arguably neutral patent system has increasingly moral and ethical issues. The idea behind introducing monopoly rights through the patent system was to encourage the inventor to disclose his invention to the public without fear of […]

Universities Tighten IP Leash Around Corporates

Reading Time: 3 minutes Innovation by universities is moving strong and bright under the limelight. This is now empowering universities to exercise their rights to protect their inventions from infringers, and what better way to do so than assert their patent rights. Even since the Bayh-Dole Act came into existence in 1980, universities in the US are on a freedom march, ensuring infringers of […]

Will Digital India Spur Patent Wars?

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Indian government has envisioned a radical departure of taking India from a service-based economy to a product-based economy, with specific focus on connectivity. The Make in India initiative has resulted in garnering huge investments from home-grown companies such as Micromax, Lava, Intex, iBall, Xolo etc. It has also attracted several Chinese manufactures such as Xiaomi to establish production houses […]

Patents Power up Yoga – Part II

Reading Time: 4 minutes India may be considered the home of yoga practice. But did you know that India owns just 1% of the world’s patents in yoga accessories, while USA owns the highest of 30%? Our blogger showcases such interesting information on yoga in this blog. In my previous blog, I discussed how yoga has become a billion dollar industry from the time […]

“You’ve Got Tweet”

Reading Time: 2 minutes Interesting you say, Mr. Icahn. Can you be finally writing about Apple and Nuance opening doors for a future we’ve seen as part of science fiction? Or is the industry going to see the reemergence of the three ‘musk’eteers? It will be fascinating to see Apple, Nuance and Tesla mix their secret ingredients to cook up a perfect “D” we’ve […]

Apple Vs. Samsung – Is it the End?

Reading Time: 2 minutes The four-year raging patent battle between Apple and Samsung seems to be calming down at a very quick pace. Besides closing all non-legal cases in the US, the rivals have foreclosed all their battles in eight other countries including South Korea, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, UK and Australia. The only two battles remaining are being waged in California where, […]

Music Dynasties Build Unbreachable Forts

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the final blog of our five-part series on the music industry, our bloggers showcase the top trademark infringement litigations that found companies fighting tooth and nail to protect their identity. Jabra under a new umbrella Imagine the day when you look up the availability of products that your company manufactures and the search engine pops up a website that […]

Court ‘Likes’ Van Der Meer, Calls FB to Face Jury

Reading Time: 2 minutes For an entire year, when people were busy sharing, befriending and glorifying their emotions on Facebook, the social media company was busy trying to keep a patent lawsuit at bay. An earlier iRunway blog wondered the “Like” button on Facebook was in peril. But now, it’s clear that it’s not just the “Like” button, but the “Share” and other features […]

Samsung Wagers on Damages to Apple

Reading Time: 1 minute The patent war between Apple and Samsung can put an Indo-Pak cricket match to shame. This week is going to be another interesting period for those closely following the patent battle between the two telecom giants. The giants have kickstarted their second round of wringing necks in a California court – a trial which is expected to determine the final […]

IBM Growls at Twitter

Reading Time: 2 minutes IBM, which once dominated the technology development space in the 1970s and 80s, now seems to be lagging behind as more of a technology services company. Despite having lost out on its once major market share, it still is the strongest and smartest technology giant. It has reinforced its numero uno position with its recent infringement claims against Twitter and […]

Are We Looking at Ceasefire in Europe?

Reading Time: 1 minute For those of us itching for war updates between Samsung and Apple, this could come as a sigh. The Korean firm, which is riding huge fines for allegedly abusing the patent battle system in Europe, has decided to play peacemaker for five years over all SEPs (standard essential patents). Raising the olive branch, Samsung has agreed to refrain from seeking […]

Nokia Looks Back in Time

Reading Time: 2 minutes Patent wars between telecom giants Nokia and HTC refuse to die down, as recent developments in the case only hint at a long battle ahead. The dispute between the otherwise amicable parties started in May 2012 after Nokia filed an infringement case against HTC over nine key patents. This law suit springs a surprise as Nokia and HTC have been […]

Nokia Loses Two Cases Against HTC, Poised for Victory With Third

Reading Time: 1 minute Finnish corporation Nokia lost its two-headed dragon to HTC earlier this week, even after a Mannheim Regional Court nearly indicated in February that Nokia could win a German patent injunction against the Chinese telecommunications equipment giant. Nokia had pressed patent infringement charges against HTC on the latter’s use of Google Play and android services. A Mannheim district court earlier this […]

McKool Smith Helps VirnetX Get a Big Bite out of Apple

Reading Time: 2 minutes Apple involved in a patent lawsuit barely feels like news these days. While its war with Samsung has been a one-off case that has gizmo freaks across the world staring wide-eyed for updates that shouldn’t be missed, especially with Apple seeming to don a victory hat, a recent verdict against the company has made patent lawsuit followers sit up. VirnetX, an intellectual […]