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Growing confidence in Template-free CRISPR-induced gene editing

Reading Time: 4 minutes Genes possess the natural mechanism to repair a broken DNA sequence. However, this repair was conventionally believed to be unpredictable, erroneous and random. Traditionally, gene editing techniques were aimed at replacing a segment of the genetic sequence with a template sequence to achieve the desired genetic modification… (Featured image is for representative purpose only and has been sourced from *** […]

Vaccines to Treat Opiate Addiction

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the second part of this series on Opioids, our blogger analyzes popular medication to treat withdrawal symptoms from opiates, and associated patented medication. Opioids have been used for centuries as a drug for treating pain. However, despite their benefits, many… (Please note, the featured image for this blog post is only for representational purposes and has been sourced from *** […]

From Addiction to Wonder Drug, Will Opioids Win this Battle?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Pain treatment is a subject that has garnered ample attention from the medical fraternity since the days of recorded medical history. From the times of Sushruta till the era of IoT, treating pain in its various formats has kept researchers’ interest alive. Opium in its natural and synthetic forms has been used in the past to… (Featured image source: *** […]

Is it a must-win for Biogen over Forward Pharma?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Biogen has had a news-breaking start to the year, first with Michael Vounatsos taking over as the CEO of the company; and second, with Vounatsos announcing a payout of $1.25 billion to Forward Pharma to settle a patent licensing agreement. Vounatos has been quoted in the media as saying this will help strengthen Biogen’s intellectual property… (Featured image source: *** […]

Protein Sequence Analysis: An Essential Tool for Innovation

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Knowledge of sequences could contribute much to our understanding of living matter.”- Frederick Sanger, Nobel Laureate & biotechnologist. Patenting protein sequences has been a subject of much contention. It often carries the burden of being governed by the doctrine of equivalents, despite the fact that there is an increasing number of modified proteins being created… (Featured image source: *** […]

Rat Heart Powers Stingray Robot

Reading Time: 2 minutes In matters of the heart, none can beat the interest of researchers. There is a gaping hole separating the demand and supply of artificial hearts for people with heart diseases. While artificial hearts today beat for an average lifespan of five years, there is a growing demand to enhance the stability of these machines and make them mimic real hearts […]

Decoding India’s Section 3(d) Pharma Controversy

Reading Time: 4 minutes India owns the third largest pharmaceutical industry in the world in terms of volume and is the 14th largest in terms of value. It has joined hands with those of China, Brazil, Russia and 13 other countries to create a pool of pharmerging countries. This pool is expected to contribute nearly 50% of the world’s annual pharmaceutical market growth. While India […]

Synthetic Biology Rewires Industries, Improves Job Market

Reading Time: 4 minutes The DNA has been piquing human interest for quite some time now. While man has been able to decipher some genomes, there are zillions of others that are sending out teaser signals to be decoded. And while these cryptographic challenges keep coming, man has been able to build new genomes from scratch in the lab by a process what we […]

Deuterated Drugs set to Explode in Patent Battles

Reading Time: 2 minutes Circa 2015 created a flutter of excitement in the pharmaceutical world when scientists unearthed patents filed in the 1970s and found it supporting the claims of a modified drug manufactured in the USA. The SD-809 drug is a deuterated drug that is awaiting the FDA’s approval to get on shelves and help cure palsy in patients affected by Huntington’s chorea. […]

Need a Pill? Download in 3D

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s an integral part of sci-fi. Even Star Trek had the Replicator that would print food for the hungry crew in 3D. The Replicator was designed to build a tasty meal by mixing material in the right combination to provide the desired texture, smell, taste and shape instantly. Forget food, 3D printers have gone beyond that to print a human […]

Zika: Another Epidemic That Could Have Been Avoided

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Zika virus outbreak in South America has created a medical emergency around the continent and beyond. Genetically modified mosquitoes designed and developed in the laboratories to fight dengue are being held responsible for this epidemic. The pharmaceutical industry appears weapon-less to tackle this disease. Lack of vaccines and mechanisms to combat it appears to be the major concern. Drug […]

Copy Cats set to Reduce Healthcare Costs

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s a new trend that’s gaining momentum in the arena of medication. There are a host of copycat medicines that are coming our way, which are set to revolutionize medicine costs, offering more customized treatment. Chemically synthesized drugs like choles­terol-lowering Lipitor, the one-time phar­maceutical sales leader, gained a host of replicas churned out by generic drug com­panies once patent protection […]

Google Promises Needle-Free Blood Tests For Diabetics

Reading Time: 2 minutes Non-invasive medicare is gaining momentum, and Google is making large strides towards this new era of healthcare. If the news of Google Lens to test blood sugar levels through tears was any comfort for diabetics, then here’s another for those who need to undergo regular blood tests. Google recently filed a patent application that describes a technology to draw small […]