Bits of Quantum Computing

Reading Time: 4 minutes In 1971, Intel introduced the first 4-bit microprocessor which composed of 2,300 transistors which solved the problem of computers being available commercially. The 1980s bought exponential advancement in microprocessors which made computers available for the public and led to the start of many powerful companies such as Apple, Microsoft, etc. Now, we have computers in the garb of smartphones and […]

PenTile Technology – The Cornerstone of OLED Technology

Reading Time: 7 minutes OLED has become a major display technology trend and it continues to gain traction in high-end display products. The active use of OLEDs kickstarted around 2008 when Nokia released the world’s first OLED phone – the N85. OLED was soon adopted by other players. The following… (Featured image is intended for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from *** […]

LCDs to OLEDs – Evolution of Display Technology

Reading Time: 6 minutes Display technology has been an ever-intriguing space, evolving dramatically since the days of the first television sets. Liquid crystals were first observed in the 19th century; however, it was only in the 1960s that the foundation of modern-day liquid crystal displays (LCDs) was laid by James… Featured image is intended for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from *** […]

Forget Messy Dining – Food Could Soon Levitate Itself Straight Into Your Mouth

Reading Time: 4 minutes Forks, spoons, knives and those fancy cutleries were once invented for a convenient and hygienic dining experience. Over time they evolved into exquisite pieces adorning dining tables, exhibiting sophistication, luxury and class. But what if dining can be made more convenient and fun? What if you… (Featured image source is for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from *** […]

Honey! I Shrunk the FinFET to Plug Power Leakage

Reading Time: 3 minutes The latest buzz in the semiconductor world of consumers is the use of FinFET transistors in their laptops, smartphones and PDAs. With these devices shrinking in size and customers demanding for better power management, electronics majors have entered into a rat race to improve traditional planar transistors such as MOSFETs. This is in an effort to… (Featured image source: *** […]

How to Make the Solar Impulse Better?

Reading Time: 4 minutes In March this year, Swiss-based engineer Andre Borschberg and psychiatrist-aeronaut Bertrand Piccard kickstarted their aircraft at the Abu Dhabi airstrip. As the engine vroomed to life, the duo sat back to begin their first journey across the globe in an aircraft without a drop of conventional fuel. All it had was a powerhouse of solar cells. Yes. I am talking […]

Qimonda Supercharges Samsung’s OLED Biz

Reading Time: 3 minutes In a lightning fast turnaround from portfolio acquisition to licensing, WiLAN announced it has licensed Qimonda’s patent portfolio to Samsung barely a week after WiLAN acquired it from Qimonda.  The patent portfolio of Qimonda comprised of more than 7,000 patents and applications related to various semiconductor technologies including DRAM, FLASH memory, semiconductor processes, semiconductor manufacturing, lithography, packaging, semiconductor circuitry and […]

Time Travel Without Jet Lag

Reading Time: 3 minutes When Boeing introduced its commercial 767 Dreamliner, passengers on long haul flights could observe a marked reduction in fatigue and jet lag. The credit goes to the aircraft’s big windows that reduce motion sickness and the LED lighting that stimulates sunrise and sunset across time zones to ease jet lag effects. Working on more advanced features, UK-based Centre for Process […]

Graphene is Moving from Lab to Fab

Reading Time: 3 minutes In September this year, the Cambridge Graphene Centre and Plastic Logic, a Cambridge-based company, successfully incorporated graphene in a transistor-based flexible device. The result was an active matrix electrophoretic display like the screen that e-readers use, except that it is flexible plastic instead of glass. Researchers of this flexi-screen combined graphene-imbued backplane electrophoretic imaging film so as to create an […]

The “Super” Energy Storage Devices

Reading Time: 2 minutes “The Super Supercapacitor” by Brian Golden Davis charts the story of a scientist who sets out to find a new method to make graphene, and ends up treading a path that helps him power the world in a unique manner. With this movie entering the GE FOCUS FORWARD $200,000 Filmmaker Competition as a finalist, it sure does throw light on […]

AMOLEDs Are Getting the Better of Retina Displays

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ever since Apple launched its retina display, it has become one of the major attractions of its top products. The technology which Tim Cook boasts about was introduced with the iPhone 4 during Steve Jobs’s reign. This is the Apple standard of displaying content with pixelation that the human eye cannot detect – quite a pixel-rich experience, what with Steve […]

Graphene – One Can’t Stay Behind in this Patent Race

Reading Time: 3 minutes Just imagine – a wafer thin display screen, as flexible as paper and unbreakable that you can mould into any shape you like and unfold it creaseless to use! Or how about getting rid of those heavy solar panels on your rooftop and instead have flexi panes on the outer walls of your house tapping solar energy! This is no […]

3D Stacked ICs – The Next Dimension to Computing?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Consumer demand for high performance and low power microchips have been a major driving force behind the continued need for scaling of semiconductor devices. Today’s semiconductor chips face extreme pressure to achieve increased performance, while reducing their size and accommodating new functionalities. When the size of the transistors shrink, interconnect delay and power consumption affects performance adversely. In SoCs (System on […]

Nanowire Batteries – Energizer Bunny for Gadgets

Reading Time: 4 minutes Stanford researchers recently invented a new type of rechargeable batteries employing silicon nanowire technology which can hold ten times more power than our current batteries.  With the ongoing boom in smartphone and tablet markets, nanowire batteries can easily turn out to be the next game changer in an ultra-mobile world. Need for nanowire batteries Most of our consumer electronics (including […]

Non-Flash NVRAM: A Race to the Start

Reading Time: 6 minutes Flash memory has, since its birth at Toshiba in the 1980s, matured from camera devices and memory cards to virtually all handheld computing devices and enterprise electronics. Consumer demand has simultaneously pushed device capacities up to 256 GB of nonvolatile storage. But as demand for smaller form factors and even higher capacity increases, the electronics industry will soon exhaust the […]