Cluster Analysis will bolster Cyber Security in Big Data

In the first of this two-part series, our blogger shares interesting insights in Cluster Analysis, and advancements that are powering this technology to handle Big Data with ease. Understand all about the technology’s growth, how Cluster Analysis can help tackle issues of cyber-attacks and malware better and more. Machine learning is being touted to become bigger than what social media […]

Fuchsia gives Android the Cut Direct

The ever increasing demand for better processing speed led to the advent of Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) during the 1980s. While General-Purpose Operating Systems (GPOS) provide superior functionality to manage processing of huge amount of data, RTOS provides more responsiveness, determinism, portability, scalability and processing support. RTOS… (Featured image is for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from *** […]

Magic Touch of Haptics in the Virtual World

In the last few years, AR and VR technologies have seen a tremendous rise and are further expected to grow exponentially. AR and VR today find wide applications in retail, entertainment, education, medical and automobile industries to name a few. A virtual fitting room will help you… (Featured image is for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from *** […]

Internet of Everything – Future of Organizational Decision Making

Imagine you walk out of your house and your smart device locks the door behind you, the device automatically unlocks your garage port and opens the car for you to enter and sets your vehicle on ignition. The smart device automatically detects traffic on your way to… (Featured image is for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from *** […]

Rise of Augmented Reality in Social Networks

Augmented reality is dramatically changing the landscape of social media messaging. While virtual reality requires specialized equipment, augmented reality or AR is far more practical for users. It is changing the way messages are shared by hiding them virtually over a mutually agreed location. Snapchat has specialized… (Featured image is for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from *** […]

Facebook Cares About Your Mood

Facebook seems to leave no stone unturned when it comes to attempts to keep its customers glued to the application. A craze among youngsters, Facebook has transcended the barriers of age and time. As of March 2017, there are over 1.94 billion monthly and 1.28 … (Featured image is for representational purpose alone and has been sourced from *** […]

Japan Leads H.264 Video Coding Revolution

Continued from H.264 – The leading video coding standard Since the first version of H.264 standard was released in 2003, a large number of H.264 essential patents have already been disclosed to the JVT and to MPEG LA by parties… Featured image has been sourced from & The two images have been edited & modified to suit the requirement. *** […]

H.264 – The leading video coding standard

Video coding format plays a quintessential role in storage and transmission of digital video content. From Blue-Ray discs, set top boxes, digital media players, personal computers to mobiles devices, the support for a video coding format is essential for storage and transmission of digital video content. The need for digitally compressing… Featured image for representational purpose only. (Featured image source: *** […]

From Wal-Mart to Internet Privacy, Blockchain is Foraying Everywhere

When the anonymous founder(s?) of Bitcoin started the blockchain transaction method under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, little did he/they realize that their concept of creating Digital Gold would soon turn into a new exploratory digigraphy for retail major Wal-mart. Wal-mart is expected to conduct a pilot project in the early months of 2017 where it… (Featured image source: *** […]

Fitbit adds shining Pebble Tech to its IP portfolio

The speculation over Fitbit’s acquisition of Pebble came to an end last week when Fitbit officially announced its acquisition of key personnel and intellectual property from the smart watch maker. A majority of the acquired IP is based on software and firmware development technologies, which is likely to help Fitbit accelerate its growth in the wearable fitness devices market. Pebble, […]