Nokia Patents Grant Luminous Asha to Microsoft

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s a marriage between two giants. The dowry is the ammo that could result in a mammoth smartphone patent war pretty soon. Yes, we are talking about the hot tech news for today – the Nokia-Microsoft $7.2 billion deal. With absolute access to one of the largest telecom patent portfolios in the world, Microsoft may seem all geared up for […]

Call Put On Hold? Apple May Make it an Interesting Wait

Reading Time: 2 minutes The week gone by was a rather fertile one for Apple, with the California based electronics device developer earning grants on several of its patents. One particular patent that caught my attention was this interesting advanced call waiting feature which will replace the existing monotonous display message with more customized data. Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 8,412,164 for a “communications system […]

4G/LTE Set to Usher in a New Wave of Litigation & Licensing

Reading Time: 2 minutes SMEs, Research Institutes poised to assert 4G/LTE patent rights. 4G/LTE technology continues to become more commonplace in the mobile technology market, which is likely to prompt a host of existing patent holders to assert their rights, thus creating an explosion of new litigation and licensing. At present, at least half the seminal patents in this domain are held by the […]