Protein Sequence Analysis: An Essential Tool for Innovation

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“Knowledge of sequences could contribute much to our understanding of living matter.” – Frederick Sanger, Nobel Laureate & biotechnologist Patenting protein sequences has been a subject of much contention. It often carries the burden of being governed by the doctrine of equivalents, despite the fact that there is an increasing number of modified proteins being created by pharmaceutical companies with […]

Smartphones that can Roll into a Scroll

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If you thought televisions were the only ones to say goodbye to flat screens, then here’s more. Mobile phones are also gearing up to bid adieu to the flat surfaced display and welcome a new era of flexi screens! Powered by OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology, flexible display screens are being manufactured for smartphones. This has industry analysts predicting the […]

Cancer Diagnostic Lab in a Keychain

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Imagine shrinking a refrigerator-sized spectrophotometer, fragile glass beakers and petri dishes, chemicals and heaters of a chemistry lab onto a tiny microchip that is the size of a key chain? A growing number of companies and universities are claiming to have devised miniaturized laboratories on a single piece of microelectronic chip that can perform vital analyses – from detecting biological […]