Microsoft Set to Make Touchscreens Cleaner

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Are you one of those clean freaks who ensures your touchscreen is spic and span? And yet are your fears allayed of possible infection-causing germs thriving on your phone screen?

Well, Microsoft has come up with a novel idea to ensure your touchscreen is free of grime and germs. The Washington headquartered multinational has applied for a patent that uses the power of ultraviolet light to leave behind a healthy screen and germ corpses.

As per Microsoft’s patent application, ultraviolet light will be shot through a film strong enough to disinfect fingertips before they touch the screen. The gadget that incorporates this technology will be programmed to decide when and for how long the UV blast shall run to ensure a user’s safety.

If Microsoft is successful in putting to practical use this technology, rest assured even ATM screens, computer peripherals like your mouse and keyboard, and even kiosks at airports and malls are only going to get cleaner.

Well, while this could mean a step towards healthier living, it’s a matter of time for Microsoft to decide when and how it plans to make this sanitation technology available to touchscreen users at large.

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