Digital Technology Developers Racing Towards Automobile Industry

Technology companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft are leaving no stone unturned to establish their supremacy in the digital world. Having spread their presence from the computer and Internet web browsers, to hand held devices like Smart phones and tablets, it’s time to head for another consumer experience sector: the automobile industry. With 80 million new cars and light trucks sold each year, automobiles represent a significant new opportunity for Internet-based software and services. The Read more [...]
Aditi Das
Aditi Das

Aditi Das is a compulsive sci-fi dreamer who conjures up aliens from vehicles stuck in a traffic snarl. When she isn’t driving teams, inspiring them to shred technologies to pieces and unearth their DNA, she’s busy dishing up Bengali food and blogging.


  1. Apart from the “additional” features mentioned in this post, Google is in some serious research with its driverless car project with Lexus, Audi, Toyota and other car manufacturers.
    For more info check the link
    Major developments have been made by supercar manufacturers to have systems which “learn” and adjust to road conditions, change the suspension settings, etc. Other major development has been in Hybrid Cars. Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche came up with their hybrid cars in 2013, and unlike the Toyota Prius, these cars use the electric motors and batteries to improve the performance of the petrol engine. Formula one also shifted to Hybrid engines this year.
    BMW has been using IBMs big data analysis tools to develop its new cars.
    Tech majors have been playing a huge role in development of new cars lately.

    1. Since US Class 701 is for electrical apparatus and corresponding methods for performing data processing operations in which there is a significant change in data or for performing calculation operations, wherein the electrical data processing system or calculating computer functions to indicate a condition of a vehicle, to regulate the movement of a vehicle, to monitor the operation of a vehicle, or to solve a diagnostic problem with the vehicle, it includes patents related to parking assistance. Few exemplary patents and patent applications related to parking assistance are US8543320B2, US20130103200A1, US20120265434A1, US20100017118A1. These patents disclosed methods of locating available parking slots and finding vehicle in the parking areas.

      Notably, Google has filed patent related to self parking (US 20150006075) which was published recently on 1 Jan 2015.

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