Drones Aim for 30-Minute Delivery of Orders

At a time when Amazon is still battling it out with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) to get the required clearance to allow its drones to fly and delivery packages to customers, Australian companies Zookal and Flirtey have joined hands to deploy hexacopters to tackle postal costs. However, today if drones are moving out of the military zone and entering the commercial space, credit goes to Jeff Bezos’ announcement in 2013 that stunned the world and opened doors to a new arena of customer Read more [...]
Surbhi Ashri
Surbhi Ashri

Surbhi is a patent professional who is working towards donning the role of a businesswoman and philanthropist. She enjoys learning about developments in the field of medical science. A pen collector, she enjoys feeding gourmet meals to pigeons.

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